10 Tips To Clear IAS 2019-20 In First Attempt: Download PDF File.

if you are a college student preparing for ias exam 2019-20, here is the complete guide how you should proceed towards upsc civil services exam preparation. This guide will help you to make a dedicated plan as per your comfort and preparation methods to clear ias in first attempt.

If you are preparing for ias 2019-20, you have at-least 2 year to prepare from now which is more than enough. UPSC exam preparation needs well thought-out plan and consistency. You have to be regular with the plan as much as possible.

IAS exam preparation is not like preparing for other exam, it needs full attention with dedicated and quality study hours on daily basis. The plan you are following must be well prepared and in line with the upsc exam syllabus and pattern.

1-Check UPSC exam Eligibility-

UPSC issue notification regarding the eligibility criteria of various exam including civil services. The eligibility criteria are almost same as previous years but some time they make some changes which are published in its official website. You must check the eligibility criteria before preparing for civil services exam.

You can read complete eligibility criteria for upsc exam from here and you can also check UPSC official website for cross check if any changes have made in between.

2-Check UPSC Syllabus 2019-20.

The first and most important step in upsc exam preparation is to know the complete upsc exam syllabus in details. Most of the aspirants fail to know the upsc syllabus which cost them in loss of huge marks in the exam.

Preparing exam without knowing the syllabus is useless, you are going to miss very important topics which can be asked in the exam. So no matter how much you read and how many books you have covered, if you are not reading as per upsc syllabus.

UPSC exam has very wide syllabus, it covers almost everything under the sun but topics are well covered. We have made it simple for you which will save your valuable time. You can read and download complete upsc syllabus from here- Download UPSC SYllabus.

3-Get Right Study Material.

Till now you are aware of complete upsc syllabus and its time to find the right study material for you. Gone are the days when you have to stick to books suggested by your near and dear once. Now time has changed and mode of preparation are also changing.

Online websites are helping aspirant in many ways from FREE exam guide to providing study materials, notes and videos. These sources are handy in exam preparation but role of books remains same. UPSC books cover more than 80% of upsc exam syllabus.

So don’t worry , we have made an exclusive list of best upsc exam books which cover almost complete syllabus in details. You can also get these books online by just one click. Here is the list of upsc exam books .

4-Plan Your IAS Preparation in 2019-20

IAS preparation is all about how you plan your time so to get maximum output . If you are a working person, you will have to more difficult to plan your study time . Here I have an article for you about how to prepare for upsc exam while working 9 to 5 job schedule.

If its not you then you can easily manage your time for ias preparation. Generally there is no hard and fast role for hours in a day but the syllabus of upsc exam need at least 5 to 7 hours a day to complete in a year.If you have only one year to prepare for this exam and you are just starting ias preparation, you have to put 5 to 7 hours daily to cover entire upsc syllabus in time.

We never fully follow the time table while preparing for any exam and this is very common for most of the people but if you are close to the time table made by you, things will change drastically.

While making time table for ias preparation make sure that you cover all the topics of upsc exam as per their weight in the exam. The weight of each subject is decided by the number of questions are asked in the examination.

Suppose History subject has potential of 10 to 20 question in the prelims exam but sport related questions are very few. So you should give more time to the previous subject comparing to the last subject.

Many aspirants divide equal time to every subject which is biggest mistakes in ias preparation because all the subject do not carry equal questions in the exam.

If you make your time table by keeping all the above point in the mind you can utilize every minute for ias exam preparation.

5-Do Not Forget NCERT Books.

As we assume that you have at least one year before exam so the best way to start ias preparation is by reading basic NCERT books for class 6th to 12th. These are the very basic books which cover all the foundation study material for ias exam.

NCERT books are handy in solving prelims MCQs in the exam as year by year questions are being asked from ncert books directly. Reading ncert books also helps you in understanding the basics of the subject which we tend to forget due to long detachment from these  books.

All the books are not necessary to read for ias exam , you can skip books like mathematics, hindi,english language.  History, geography, science and environment books are very much important in the exam.

Once you complete these ncert books, you can start core books of upsc syllabus. If you avoid ncert books while preparing for ias exam, you are going to miss lot of questions in the prelims and mains exam. So do not commit this types of mistakes.

The arrangement of NCERT books is not too difficult as most of these books are easily available near your shop. if you want buy them online, can click here- NCERT Online.

If you are interested in reading books online then you can go to the the official website of NCERT and download all the books in pdf format.


6-Attempt Test Series Well In Time.

Test series are the best way to test oneself while preparing for ias exam. Test series contains question papers which are almost in the same pattern. These questions paper has the same difficulty level more or less so you can test your preparation well before exam.

These papers are made by expert from the syllabus books of upsc exam, if you attempt test series before the exam you actually practice the upsc question paper at home. Though the questions are not same in the test paper but rest of things are almost of same level if you buy from any good coaching institutes.

So it is suggested to give as much test papers you can before the exam and clear ias exam in your first attempt with flying colors.

I have list a test paper which based on the prelims exam, you can test yourself and check your preparation level right now-Click here to test yourself.

7-Revise Study Material.

Revision is the key to success in ias exam. Studies has shown that if we do not revise what we read in a week, we tend to forget most of it. revision is also helps in memorizing facts for longer time. In upsc civil services, you should start revision syllabus books as soon as you finish the first reading.

If you can revise complete syllabus 2-3 times, it will pay you extra in the exam so try to revise books and study material as much as you can.

8-Use Notes While Preparation.

Note making is very helpful for most of the aspirants, and making notes of difficult topics is very good habit. Note making can fetch you some extra marks in the exam. Note making can help you in revision of the syllabus in the last time when revision of complete syllabus is not possible.

While making notes for ias exam make sure that you are following the 1/10 rule. A per this rule your notes should be 1/10 of the total content. Suppose you want make a note of paragraph having 100 words, your notes must be in 10 words.

You can write down keywords in notes to reduce the size of the notes. Your notes should be in keywords which will easy to memorize in the exam.

9-Minimize Use Social of Media.

Social media has become a part of our daily life, we can not leave it but we can minimize the use of social platform to save our time for study. Normally we spends 1-5 hours daily in social platform in chit-chat which is not fruitful for the exam.

There are some good Pages, Groups in Facebook where some useful information can be hidden but you should not spend too much time there.We have a tendency that we attract negative things quickly then lend some unusual windows and waste time there.

Time is very precious specially in ias exam preparation, there is very high competition for single post so you can not afford wasting time in these small things.

10-Believe in Your abilities.

At the last , you are the one who have to study and prepare hard for this exam, we can help you in achieving your goal. Believe in your abilities, find out the true reason for the services, remember your strong points and focus on weak zone. Follow your time-table and stay focused towards your success. Good Luck.

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