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clear Upsc exam in first attempt

clear Upsc exam in first attempt

In this article you will know how to clear UPSC exam (IAS, IPS ,IRS ) in your very first attempt by following right kind of Preparation Plan, Study material and other useful tips. This post is also useful for the beginners and senior aspirants who could not clear UPSC exam due to some reasons.

Clearing UPSC exam is not easy task but you can make it easy by preparing in right way with the help of right kind of study material. The Past results speaks itself that many aspirants are clearing UPSC exam in their first attempt which is a positive sign that you too can clear in your first attempt.

The only need is to follow some key tips while preparing for UPSC exam, all of these guidelines are well tested & advised by IAS Toppers so you can trust them blindly.

First of all keep in mind that anyone can clear UPSC exam with serious preparation and right strategy and we are here to guide you in right direction with time test preparation methods.

Here are 10 most recommended tips for every serious aspirants who want to become an IAS officer without wasting too many years. If you follow these tips you will either clear UPSC exam or find yourself very close to it. so let’s get started-

1-Know The UPSC Exam Pattern-

Once you have decided to clear UPSC exam, this is the first step is to know the complete UPSC exam process and UPSC exam pattern , Question papers etc.

  • Having complete knowledge of the exam is very first and important step so that you can plan your preparation accordingly. As we know UPSC exam is little bit time taking than other exam , UPSC CSE exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission every year.
  • It starts in the month of june and ends in december in the same year. UPSC CSE exam is conducted in three stages which are known as PRELIMS, MAINS and Interview.
  • Prelims is the first stage where you qualify for the MAINS exam . IAS prelims consists of two paper which details are given below.
  • To clear the first stage which is prelims exam you have to score above the cut-off marks in prelims paper-01 ( which is only counted for merit in prelims exam) and qualify paper 2 (CSAT).Read here to know more about IAS exam details-UPSC Exam Details

UPSC Exam Eligibility-

  • This is the another step to check yourself if you are eligible for UPSC CSE exam or not. The educational eligibility for an IAS Aspirants is the graduation degree from any recognized university. There is no minimum marks / percentage barrier in UPSC Exam.
  • There are fixed number of chances to appear in this exam so you do not have the luxury to write unlimited times the UPSC exam unless you belong to certain category. There is also age limit for the exam, the minimum age limit is 21 year to apply but higher age limit has some variation based on the category you belong.
  • UPSC also can change these criteria and notify in the official notification well before exam. You can get access to the official website for latest updates from here. UPSC Official Website. Read the complete UPSC exam eligibility details from here- UPSC Exam Eligibility Details-

2-Set Your Goal First-

UPSC exam preparation takes a year to complete and chances are high that you will start feeling bored after some months. To avoid this situation , you can divide your whole preparation in small goal which can be for few days, weeks and months.

If you set small goals which are easily achievable, you can easily finish the complete UPSC syllabus and never get bored in UPSC exam preparation.

  • You can select some chapters for a week and read then , make notes etc.
  • You can set a goal for a month and air mark some subject to read and revise as per your interest.
  • You can also schedule Test series/ previous year question papers practice based on your preparation level.
  • Once you start achieving these small-small goals, your confidence level will rise to new high level and you will feel more comfortable and ready for exam.

This is how you can complete your complete UPSC syllabus in time and revise it well in time. So goal setting is very important in UPSC EXAM PREPARATION.

3-Know UPSC Syllabus In Details-

No matter how many books you read in a day and how many hours you spend online for searching different websites for UPSC exam unless you know the exact UPSC Syllabus. Many UPSC aspirants fail in exam just because they read so many books without having sound knowledge of UPSC syllabus.

Such types of preparation is direction less and just waste of time. This practice will never give you fruitful results in the exam.

There is no use of reading those books which do not cover UPSC syllabus , these books only increase extra load for you and consume lot of time. So we have explained COMPLETE UPSC SYLLABUS for UPSC exam in details in this article. Click here to read UPSC Syllabus.

  • are the best and most important part of UPSC exam preparation and it is also suggested that one must read only those books which are specially made for UPSC exam.
  • We have selected some
  • which are based on IAS topper suggestion and reading experience.
  • These books cover almost entire UPSC syllabus in details so you can buy them online from here. Click here to BUY them Online at discounted Price.

4-Focus On Self-Study-

Self-study is the key to success in UPSC exam, Large number of aspirants clear UPSC exam by just studying at home. There is an assumption that you should join coaching institutes if you want clear IAS exam.

  • Things have changed now, sufficient study material is available online and offline so you need not to worry much about that. Most of the leading coaching institutes are providing FREE study material in different platform like BLOGS, YouTube which can easily accessible form Mobile and PC from home.
  • Even if you join any coaching classes , your success depends on your self-study not on coaching class preparation. Coaching classes can provide your direction, study material but you are the one who has to study and prepare it.
  • So believe in yourself and work hard at home. You can read this article for how to study without joining any coaching institutes.

5-Practice Previous Year Question papers-

” Practice makes man perfect ” Same lines are also applicable in UPSC exam.Practicing the previous year question paper is very helpful in UPSC exam , if you practice question papers , you get an idea how UPSC ask question in the exam. You can check your preparation level by solving these papers.

  • If you solve last 10 years question papers , you solve almost 10000 questions before exam, many of question in UPSC prelims are of same pattern which you have already solved in these papers.
  • By solving these papers , your confidence level will rise tremendously so it will definitely benefit you in the actual exam.
  • Previous year question papers are easily available online , you can buy last 23 years question papers with answer in less than 200 rupee. Click Here to BUY online.
  • After solving these question papers , you get complete overview of the difficulty level of question asked in the UPSC exam and plan-out to prepare accordingly.
  • Many IAS topper suggest this strategy to score high marks in the UPSC prelims exam.

When 1 marks decides destiny in UPSC exam , you can not ignore anything useful for UPSC exam preparation and solving previous year question papers is one of them .

6-Selection Of Right Books-

We already know that books are the main source of preparation in every exam but in UPSC , the importance of right books in immense.

You can not clear UPSC exam just by reading random books so you have to be well aware of the best books for upsc exam and how to get in without wasting lot of time.We have listed complete books for UPSC exam which are based on the following parameters.

  • UPSC books must cover the entire UPSC syllabus notified by UPSC in its official notification and we have selected all these books to cover almost entire UPSC syllabus.
  • UPSC books selection should be in such a way that you have to read minimum books to cover the syllabus to save your time for revision.
  • No use of reading Noble types books of 1000-1200 pages where hardly 2-3 questions are expected from them in the exam. The better way to read limited books and revised them multiple times.(specially when you have paucity of time )
  • It is sufficient to read 2 source ( books ) for one topic than reading 5-6 books for single topic. (The aim is to save time for other subject)
  • All these books are read by many IAS topper ans also suggested by them in interviews and seminars. So you can trust the credibility of these books.
  • The best part is you need not to look-out in the market and waste lots of time,¬† all these book are easily available in online and can be delivered to your door within 2-3 days.
  • Click to know the COMPLETE LIST OF UPSC BOOKS For Prelims and Mains exam and buy them online from here- BUY NOW

7-Time Management Is Important-

UPSC exam is like a marathon and you do not the luxury to write it multiple times in a year, if you fail in very first stage then you will have to wait for a year. So you need to Prepare UPSC exam in such a way that you clear it in your first attempt and this article is mainly written for this only.

  • Time is very important aspect in UPSC exam preparation where more than 9 lakh aspirants are applying for this exam and studying for 7-14 hours in a day. It is not easy to beat them unless you properly manage your study time.
  • You may be a working person or full time preparing aspirants , the only thing which will take you close to success in UPSC exam is how well you manage your study time.
  • There is no hard and fast rule in UPSC exam preparation that you have to read ( 1,2,3……18 hours ) in a day. This totally depends on your ability, strength to sit and read books.
  • But The syllabus of UPSC is very large and need 5-6 hours daily to cover it in a year if you do have knowledge of the basic of subject( 6th to 12th class.

Consistency is more important than the number of hours , be regular in preparation, stay update with useful websites, read daily newspaper for current affairs etc are some key tips to success in UPSC exam.

8-Enroll For Quality Test Series-

Test series are the set of question papers specially designed by expert to test the preparation level of aspirants and practice the question papers before actual exam. Test series are similar to the actual exam papers so it gives a feel of real exam if attempted in well timed condition.

The aim of joining test series is to test yourself and find the mistakes and correct them before actual exam. It has been found that if you attempt mock test before exam , you can boost your score in prelims and mains exam.

  • If you attempt mock test before exam, you can find the weak points & strong points and correct it well in time.
  • You can be familiar with the exam process and manage the time in examination hall. You also can check how many questions are attempted in given time frame so you can increase your speed if needed.
  • When you join test series , you compete with lakhs of aspirants across the country and know your ranking among them.
  • You can join any FREE MOCK test series or paid ,it depends on the availability of the test series . there are many coaching institutes which provides test series and charge some money. You can also join them.
  • The best time to join test series is just after finishing your complete UPSC course once. You can also attempt mock test any time based on your comfort level.

9-Motivate Yourself Regularly-`

Motivation is needed in UPSC exam because UPSC exam test your patience and last for a year. If you are not able to clear in initial time , it can take 4-6 years to crack and make your name in the list. Being motivated for a long time is little difficult but it is very important otherwise you will quit the UPSC exam preparation.

Large number of aspirants leave UPSC Exam Preparation due lack of motivation and patience , so if you are one who can be easily demotivated , can try these few tips while preparing for this exam.

  • Motivation can be two types- Internal motivation and external motivation.
  • Internal motivation is the best one if you have because it has very strong reason to keep you motivated for doing anything for longer period.
  • External motivation can be short time motivation but it also work to keep motivated for exam preparation.
  • If you feel demotivated while preparing for UPSC exam you can ask few question yourself before leaving the preparation.
  1. Why did you start UPSC exam Preparation ?
  2. What were the reasons you started preparing for this exam?
  3. What drives you to join civil services ?
  4. What if you leave UPSC exam preparation ?
  • Once you get the answer above questions , you can easily find the solution for the problems. There are some other key tips which can make you motivated for long time.
  • Reading IAS topper Interview, lifestyle & Preparation strategies can be useful for you.
  • Watch Videos of IAS officers who has done something extraordinary while serving the nation.
  • Be in touch with UPSC exam websites and stay updated.
  • Do not start anything new while preparing for this exam because it will change your daily lifestyle and affect your preparation.

I hope these key tips will help you in clearing UPSC exam in your very first attempt and you can find your name in the final list of UPSC results soon.

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