Free Mock Test Daily For UPSC 10 Oct 2017

By | September 5, 2019
FREE Mock  Test

FREE Mock Test

We have started daily FREE Mock Test for all the UPSC aspirants who do not believe in buying costly mock test. You can practice here and score high which will not only help you in your PRELIMS exam but also in other competitive exams.

Note- Questions are based on The Hindu , PIB, Indian Express Newspapers ..

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Q -1 The supreme court collegium system comprise of 

1-Chief justice of Supreme court.

2-Chief justice of high court.

3-4 senior most judge of supreme court.

4-Any 5 judge of supreme court.

Option –

A- 1, 2, 3,4

B-2,3,4 only

C-1.2,4 only

D-1, 3 Only

Q-2 Who is the winner of 2017 Nobel Prize winner in economics ?

1-Richard H. Thaler,

2-Raguram Rajan

3-Stephen louse

4-Mike j wilson

Q-3 Which nation was not the part of Historic Iran Nuclear Deal ?

1-United states




Q-4  Hediyala range of Bandipur is located in which state ?



3-Madha pradesh


Q-5  Who is the India’s largest trading partner in the world ?


2-United States

3-European Union



All the answer will be updated tomorrow….


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