How To Prepare For Ias After 12th ? Complete Guide

IAS exam preparation is one of the most discussed topic among IAS aspirants but the Ideal time for IAS preparation is between 12th class to your graduation period. There are a number of assumptions that one should avoid ias preparation before completion of graduation.

Some expert believe if you want to crack IAS in your first attempt, you should start preparing for this exam as early as possible. If you are in 12th class, here is the complete guide for you how to approach for this exam with your school syllabus.

The minimum educational qualification for ias exam is a degree from any recognized university which are approved by competent authority. There is also minimum age limit for all the students which is fixed at 21 years as of now.  Read more about IAS eligibility criteria from here.

How To Prepare For IAS After 12th –

If you already have decided to choose civil service as a career than your target is very clear  and it should be to clear IAS in your first attempt and reach to the top most post of the administrative service. As a student of 12th class, you have your school syllabus to complete and which should be your priority.

After that if you get some time which you want to utilize for IAS preparation, you can start reading newspaper which is the most important study material in UPSC exam preparation. UPSC is asking so many questions from current affairs portion and newspaper is very good source to cover this section.

The current affairs of today may not be useful for you after 3 years but once you develop a habit of newspaper reading , you will easily able to analyse things after some experience.

Newspaper reading also helps in developing a new approach towards the world events, issues and improve your thinking ability and awareness.

Importance Of NCERT In UPSC Exam Preparation-

You may not be aware about the importance of NCERT books which you have read from class 6th to 12th but once you complete your graduation and start preparing for ias , you will see that many question for prelims exam are directly coming from NCER books.

UPSC asks questions directly from NCERT books of class 6th to 12th in prelims and mains exam, a number of IAS aspirants buy NCERT books and read while preparing for this exam.

So, you can focus deeply on your NCERT books and prepare them seriously. NCERT books are very useful for IAS prelims and mains exam preparation. The least things you can do while in your school days- Store all of your NCERT books at your home so that you need not to buy them later while preparing for UPSC exam.

Focus On Your Basic And Improve Them-

UPSC  test the basic understanding of the subject and analytical ability, decision making, leadership types of some quality in a student and you have enough time to develop these quality which will help you later.

UPSC syllabus is very wide and cover almost everything under the sun so start developing a habit of reading books. This habit will help you in IAS preparation where one has to read a number of books to cover entire UPSC Syllabus.

Improve Your Writing Skill-

UPSC mains has 9 paper as of now and all the papers are subjective in nature where everyone have to write long answer in the world limit of 250 to 500 words per questions. To answer complete paper within 3 hours of time is very difficult for most of aspirants which leads many questions un-answered.

So week writing skills is very harmful in UPSC exam because it can destroy your IAS dream by loosing many marks in the exam due to un-attempted questions. If your writing speed is slow, you will not able to finish all the questions even if you know them.

So develop a impressive and speedy writing skill which will help you in answer writing in UPSC mains exam and you can score high marks.

Improve Your Communication Skills-

Communication skill comprises of lots things and listening, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, self-confidence,clarity of though, expression etc are some of the most common and required skills which are tested in UPSC exam.

All these skill takes time to develop and improve, so you as a student have enough time to look on these aspects and improve if required. These small-small points will boost your personality and skill for IAS exam.

There is a 275 marks personality test exam in UPSC CSE where aspirants are test one many areas and some of them I have mentioned above. Interview is very crucial to score high marks for an aspirants and improve overall ranking in the exam.

If you start working on all these area from now, you can easily perform better than other who just start  before interview.

Start IAS Course Books Now-

After 12th class, you will have complete your degree which may be BA,BSC,B-tech,BBA etc . Its time to prepare IAS with the IAS Books which are exclusively made for IAS exam preparation. one and half year of minimum time is required for IAS Syllabus to complete before exam.

3rd year of the graduation is the ideal time to start reading IAS books with full thrust. The first and most important step is to get complete UPSC Syllabus before you start IAS preparation. Click to read UPSC syllabus in details. 

The another important step is very confusing for new student. The selection of right kind of books in right number. You need best UPSC books for UPSC exam which can cover entire UPSC Syllabus in details. Here is the list of complete UPSC Books for IAS exam in details. Click to read them Now.

If You have complete first two important step in IAS preparation, you have already accomplished most difficult task which can lead your towards success in IAS exam.

After that you can follow other guidelines for How to prepare for ias exam and other important tips which will save your time and increase your self-confidence in the exam. You can read these articles for IAS exam preparation-

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