How To Prepare UPSC Exam? Beginners Guide In Easy Language

By | 16/05/2018

1-How To Prepare UPSC Exam ?

If want to know how to prepare UPSC exam from the beginning, this post is going to answer all of your question in very lucid language. In this post we will cover each and everything which is needed to clear UPSC exam in a year or less time.

how to prepare upsc exam

how to prepare upsc exam

Let’s have a look on the UPSC civil services exam data of the previous years which will help us to understand the real picture of the CSE examination so that we can plan accordingly.

UPSC CSE which is said to be one of the most difficult exam in India where more than 1 million aspirants apply each year and these numbers are increasing year by year.

Out of 1 million, around 5 lakh aspirants actually appear in the prelims exam and hardly 12000 to 13000 clear this stage every year.

These number are very less because the high level of competition in the prelims exam. Those who clear prelims exam are qualified for UPSC mains exam which is held after 4 month of prelims exam.

After writing 9 paper of mains exam examination, 2500-3000 aspirants are called for Interview , these number vary based on the vacancy available that particular year. The final selection is done based on the total marks of the UPSC Mains and interview .This is how UPSC exam pattern works and select some hundred class A&B officers for All India and Central services.

  • UPSC Exam Eligibility-

Let’s have a look on the Qualification for UPSC CSE exam in details. UPSC exam eligibility is different for different category aspirants which we will discuss later but some of the eligibility criteria are common for all.

Education-If you want to apply for UPSC CSE examination, you must have a graduation degree from any recognised university which approved by UGC & DEC etc. A degree from private university is also valid for UPSC exam qualification criteria.

Age Limit & N0. of Attempt-Minimum age limit for UPSC exam is 21 year for everyone but there is some relaxation for the higher age limit for certain category aspirants.  The total number of attempts for general category are 6 but other category aspirants have some relaxation. Read more about Upper age limit & attempts-

  • UPSC Exam Syllabus-

Knowing UPSC syllabus is key to success in UPSC CSE exam preparation, many aspirants do not pay enough attention to this section and lose marks in the examination. If you want clear UPSC exam in one year, you must pay enough attention to UPSC syllabus.

Most of the questions in UPSC exam are asked from its syllabus itself so if you are covering whole UPSC syllabus, you will score good marks in the examination. UPSC has defined its syllabus in its notification which is released just before UPSC prelims exam.

Though UPSC ask questions from every possible area but still you can predict its questions if you have UPSC syllabus well and know the UPSC Syllabus Topics in details.To Memorise UPSC syllabus, You can download it and get a hard copy for later revision.

You can read UPSC syllabus from UPSC official website or download it from the link given below.

  • Download UPSC Syllabus (PDF)-

Many aspirants are unable to get whole UPSC syllabus at one place so keeping in mind this problem we have decided to keep complete UPSC syllabus at one place. You can read the complete upsc syllabus and also download it in PDF form for later reference.

This link for the Download UPSC Syllabus In PDF form ( For Latest upsc syllabus visit UPSC official website ).

2-UPSC Preparation Books-

Now we are well aware of UPSC syllabus, the next step is to find right UPSC Books which should be based on the latest upsc syllabus. UPSC exam preparation is mostly depends on the books which cover more than 70% of UPSC syllabus of prelims and mains exam.

We can not ignore the importance of books in the presence of internet because there are some subject which can be prepared better with books than computer screen.

Reading online books has some limitation and we can not afford to read for longer time on electronic screen, it can affect our eyes due to continuous emitting of low levels of UV Radiation.

So books are the best way of preparing any exam even today .There are thousands of book available in the market on single subject, and this luxury of books make it difficult for an aspirants to select right book for upsc exam.

To solve this problem, we have made a complete UPSC books list for all the papers- prelims and mains. All these books are based on the IAS topper advice and cover almost entire UPSC syllabus in details. So lets explore UPSC books for UPSC Prelims and Mains exam.

  • UPSC Prelims Books-

As we know prelims is the first stage of upsc exam process which is the gateway of UPSC mains exam. Clearing upsc prelims should be the priority for every aspirants so that he/she can write mains exam. Many aspirants are not able to clear prelims due to various reasons and selection of wrong book is one of the major factor of their failure.

Prelims exam is way different than mains exam, in prelims exam questions are factual in nature and you are required to select correct answer, negative marking is also applicable.

So most questions are factual than analytical, you have to mug-up some facts, details of information,dates etc. So the selection of books is very crucial in prelims exam.

We have selected complete books for prelims exam which covers all the subject in details. all these books are read by IAS millions of UPSC aspirants every year and some have topped the exam. These books are also suggested by IAS topper in their seminars and discussion.

our approach is to make UPSC exam preparation more enjoyable than a burden ( which is happening currently in many part of country ). Click here to see the complete UPSC exam books for English Medium and Hindi Medium aspirants.

Once you have selected upsc books you can order them online and get within a week at your doorstep with lesser amount then the market price. Click to buy online.

  • UPSC Mains Books-

The booklist for UPSC mains is almost similar to prelims exam but few books are added due to expansion of mains syllabus. Most books you read in prelims exam will be useful in upsc mains exam. The additional books are required to cover your optional syllabus.

UPSC mains has 9 papers where 7 papers marks are counted for merit and 2 papers are qualifying in nature. These two papers are language papers where minimum 33% marks are required to qualify mains exam.

Essay is very important paper where no one book is enough to cover entire essay syllabus but these books can be useful in writing an attractive and quality essay.

Let’s explore upsc mains books in details-UPSC Mains books.

  • Solve Previous Year Question papers-

If you want to clear upsc exam in your first attempt, you should solve previous year question papers as many as you can. Solving previous year question paper helps you to understand the nature of question asked in upsc exam. Once you solve these questions, your self-confidence increase tremendously which will help you in the exam.

“Practice make man perfect ” this applies to upsc exam too. Solving previous year question paper gives you an idea how much time you actually need in the examination to complete it.

Whenever you practice these question papers, try to solve in time-bound manner so that you can estimate the time required for each question in the examination.You can download Previous year question papers- Download Previous Year Question Papers.If you want 23 years question paper with answer then try this book which is available from this link-Buy online.

3-How To Prepare UPSC From Home

Preparing upsc exam from home is also possible as more and more aspirants are studying from home comfortably. Gone are the days when people have to travel long distance and attend coaching class. Now you can access anything from home from your laptop, PC and even with your smartphone.

Before the internet revolution in India, upsc aspirants did not have much choice of getting right mentor , coaching institutes, study materials so they have to approach big cities like delhi, Allahabad.

But now you can get everything online from your home, you can get any coaching class video,study material from home. You also can join offline coaching programme of coaching institutes if interested.

After having such facilities, anyone can prepare upsc exam from home with ease. No need to worry of being in remote part of the country, if you are passionate about the service, willing to serve nation as a civil servant, no one is going to stop are some key tips which can help you in preparing upsc exam from without coaching-Let’s explore them.

  • Find the useful websites for upsc exam which will help you in your preparation and also provide you useful information about exam , study material and much more.
  • Coaching institutes are not mandatory today to clear upsc exam , as many serious upsc aspirants are clearing it without joining coaching classes.
  • You can prepare upsc exam from any part of the country with smart preparation strategies. So need not to go BIG Cities for UPSC exam preparation. Start preparing from home and clear it.

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Online Website For UPSC Preparation-

Online website are the best source for the UPSC exam preparation with books. Now a days books are not suffice to complete upsc exam preparation, you need some online website which can provide you latest current affairs, current events national & international and upsc exam update.

There are many benefits of Online website for upsc exam preparation, some of them are listed below-

  • You get latest updates from online websites because they updates on daily basis.
  • Current affairs and news related stuff can be prepared from online websites easily, books can not be updated on daily basis.
  • There are good coaching and guidance available online and most of them are free of coast. This makes upsc exam preparation more smooth and accessible to last person in the country.
  • Mock Test are very important in UPSC exam preparation, online website are the biggest source for them. You can get very low cost Test series for prelims and mains and boost your score in exam.

Utilize Social Platform-

Most of coaching institutes have their own social media presence where they provide useful information related upsc exam. Large number of aspirants are also there provide useful information about exam. You can get benefit from these sources.

  • Facebook Groups- There are some useful groups where some useful articles are uploaded by different authors which can be useful in UPSC exam preparation. But avoid joining fake UPSC groups where no useful information is available.
  • YouTube Channel-There are some good YouTube channels which are very informative and you can utilize them for upsc exam preparation. UnacademyUPSC Exam Guide, StudyIqOption etc are some of the example of them.

4-How To Prepare UPSC Exam With Notes-

Notes are important in UPSC exam preparation, most people love making notes which is one of the best practice in exam preparation. But there are some people who are in doubt if they should make notes or not. Some people think that making notes is waste of time. Let’s explore the benefits of making notes in UPSC exam preparation.

  • Notes are the key in upsc exam preparation at the last time, As we know revision is very important in upsc exam preparation and notes play very crucial role here.
  • Notes are very useful when you have to revise complete upsc syllabus in less than a month. If you have made notes , you can easily revise them in time.

  Offline Notes/Online Notes-

Notes can be made online or offline based on your comfort level. Offline notes can be made in simple diary or notes book but online notes can be made with help of some Android APP some of them are Feedly, Evernote and Pocket.

  • There app are very useful in making online notes for upsc exam preparation. These app are free of cost and available in app store.
  • While making notes, you can follow thumb rule for the world limit. 1/10 is the word limit for note making. for example if the paragraph contains 100 words, you should be able to summarize it into 10 words.
  • Notes should be in keywords always not in detail format. If you make notes in this pattern , you can easily save lot of time for other subjects.
  • Studies have proved that if you write something , you remember it easily. So when you make notes, you are actually writing something which makes it easy to understand and memorise for you.
  • So keep writing and start making notes for upsc exam preparation.

Revision is Important-

You have been told in the school to read less and revise more which is actually best way to prepare any exam . In upsc exam preparation, you have very large stuff which need to be revised in time. if you do not revise , you tend to forget it soon.

It has been proven that if you do not revise in a week , you forgot most of which you read in last week. if you do not revise in a month, you forget more than 80% of what you read . So one thing is very clear that you have to revise books in time to prepare it well.

Make a time table and provide time for each and every subject decisively so that you cover entire upsc syllabus and revise completely.

5-How To Prepare UPSC Exam With Job ?

UPSC exam also attract serving personnel of the government and private sector personnels due its opportunity to serve larger people and make a difference in their life. People with job wants prepare upsc exam but they have some limitations which can be easily solved.

  • They do not have the luxury for 10-15 hours for study because they have to work at least 7-8 hours in officer.
  • Their work schedule may not allow them to join regular coaching classes.
  • They have to deal with extra pressure along with study so it become little difficult for them to prepare upsc exam along with job.

But we have good news for them that every year large number of serving people are clearing upsc exam with flying colours. You can also clear upsc exam if prepared it in right way. Here are some key tips for you which will help you in making your upsc dream come true.

Time Management For UPSC Preparation-

  • UPSC exam needs 5-6 hours docussed preparation daily and it can be managed easily if you make a well thought-out study plan.
  • After 8 hour fo duty , you are left with 16 hours , now you can take out 6 hours from them easily for upsc exam preparation.
  • You can utilize your officer free time for your exam preparation. When you time in officer, you can read some magazines, newspapers and notes . You have to make use of 10,20,30 minutes for your exam preparation. These 10-20 minutes daily will be converted into hours later.
  • So utilize every minutes which is available for you and this practice will actually helps you in long run.
  • We do not suggest to misuse the officer time for which you are being paid. Make use of FREE time whenever you get in officer or during travel.

There are some advantage of preparing upsc exam while on job for you and these advantages can helps you to motivate for more hard work.

  • If you are serving , you need not to worry about back-up plan as most of aspirants struggle for this. So the psychological advantage with you always comparing to those who are unemployed.
  • You can easily get what you want because you will never feel lack of financial assistance but many aspirants have to think about it when they have already past 3-4 years in upsc exam preparation.
  • Having job and working with people make you more responsible and better personality, you can handle things in much better way.
  • Working person more experience of work-life balance, working culture so he/she can manage things more easily it will help in upsc exam preparation and letter in service.
  • You can access coaching classes online and buy them online , it will help you in saving time effort to physically joining them.

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6-How To Prepare UPSC Exam Without Coaching ?

There are many assumption on internet that you can not clear upsc exam without coaching institutes etc. This is very said that many aspirants just join coaching classes that they are afraid  of this assumption. Before we decide if we should join any coaching class or not , we must know the reasons for joining coaching classes.

The very first reason that why we should join UPSC coaching class ? we have many reasons for joining coaching classes-

  • Coaching classes are very helpful in guiding you in right direction. if you are new and do not know how to prepare upsc exam chances are high that you will join them.
  • Coaching institutes provides ready made study material for you which save your time. They will ready everything for you and charge some fee for that. If you do not have enough time or you are a working person, coaching institutes can help you in upsc exam preparation.
  • Coaching institutes have expert in their respective fields and they have very long experience of teaching , you can get advantage of their experience and teaching.
  • Coaching institutes can guide you whenever you are in need so you can join them.

 Why You should not Join Coaching Institutes and prepare without them?

Coaching institutes are only helpful if they are genuine, they have well teaching faculty, experience experts otherwise they are just business to make profit.

  • Coaching institutes are in big cities only so everyone can not go there due to several reasons like financial, security but you can overcome this problem by following methods.
  • Most of coaching institutes have their online presence , they provide useful information, guidance in websites and which is free of cost (in most websites).
  • Most coaching institutes have YouTube channels where they regularly upload classroom videos  and most of them are free, some charge few bucks.
  • Coaching institutes charge very fee and which is not affordable for many of aspirants so you can access their online videos , article for guidance.
  • There are some very good website which provide lots of useful stuff free of cost and helping aspirants realising their upsc dream, you can visit them regularly. ( Insightsonindia, clearias are few example of them.
  • After all you are the one who have to study, prepare everything. No coaching institutes can do it for you, self-study is the key to success in upsc exam. if you have basic knowledge about upsc exam, you can clear it with self-study without coaching.

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