How To Select Best Books For IAS Exam ? UPSC Exam 2019-20

By | 12/07/2018

Books are the most important study material in ias exam preparation and selection of best books for ias exam is not easy. The market is full of books which makes our selection more difficult. Today I am going to tell you the best way to select ias exam books without compromising the quality of books.

Let us understand the importance of books in ias exam preparation first, more than 70% of upsc syllabus can be studied with the help of core ias books.

Internet, magazine, newspapers are also useful study material in ias exam preparation apart from ias books. So here are some tips for you to select the best books for ias exam.

Selection Based On UPSC Syllabus-

UPSC exam syllabus is very wide and covers almost everything under then sun but the good news is everything is defined. UPSC always explains the topics of the upsc ias exam syllabus in its notification well before exam.

This is the first sign where we should focus while going to buy a book for ias exam. So one thing is very clear that we should buy only those books which cover upsc syllabus.
There is no use of reading books which do not cover upsc syllabus, it only increase our burden in upsc exam preparation.

So always go for those books which cover all the listed topics , subjects, chapters, keywords of upsc syllabus. We have also made a complete list of upsc books based on the above recommendations.

Never buy a book which cost benefit is very low. Ex- If you are buying a book of 500 hundreds pages for only one chapter which is mentioned in upsc syllabus.

Here you are going to waste money and time in reading such a BIG books for few chapters. You can go for a book which cover more topicsĀ  at the same time.

By doing this, you can save your time and money together, In UPSC time is key player in success.

Selection Based On The Content Of Books-

When we look for a book, we get lot of option in front of us. In upsc exam preparation, we have to read a number of subject which includes humanity subject, current affairs, science, English etc. All these subject has one or two book each to study so we have to study at least 15-30 books .

Reading and revising these books become almost impossible in a year if all the books are very fatty and bulky. there is no need to buy a book which is like a Noble. You should avoid all those books which carry more than 500 pages.( this is not a fixed rule but try to buy small books ).

Expert suggest to read less and revise more so you should read books to cover upsc syllabus and then revise them as many time as you can.

If you buy a books which is very thick in size, it becomes very difficult in revision. Revision is must in upsc exam preparation.

So always keep in mind the size of the book while buying it. There is no use of reading so many books if you are not able to revise them in time.

No Need To Buy 10 Books For One Subject.

You may have read that some people suggest to read as many books as you can and this is strategy may sound useful only if you have 3-4 years of time before exam. If you do not have more than 1 year to prepare for IAS exam, you can not afford reading 10 books for one subject.

The best things to do is read not more than 2 books for one subject. If you want read in depth any subject, you can read two different source beyond that you will not able to revise them in time.

Many IAS topper suggest that the key to success in upsc exam is revision of the study material in time. Lot of people follow this strategy and clear it every year.

Stick To The Syllabus.

UPSC ask questions from upsc syllabus only except few. Most of the questions come from defined syllabus. If you see the previous year question papers carefully, you can predict many question before exam.

Coaching institutes know this that’s why they are popular and have more success rate. So buy only those books which comprise of upsc syllabus.

If you are not aware of UPSC syllabus, you can read it from upsc official website or this link. Once you read upsc syllabus topics in details, the things will be more clear to you. Buying books becomes more easy than before.

UPSC test the basic understanding of the subject, no need to read anything everything in-depth unless you are also preparing for PHD in particular subject.

UPSC always ask question from variety of subject to test the basic understanding of everything possible in a paper.

No Need To Switch Books Every Year.

Many aspirants buy new books every year if they are not able to clear it. This is notĀ  recommended specially when you already have best set of books and Syllabus of UPSC is unchanged.

If you have read Best UPSC Book article on my site and bought books from there, You are already with the best upsc books available in the market.

The book selection in my list is made after analyzing so many point taken from expert of coaching institutes, suggestion of IAS topper and my personal reading.

So switching books every time creates confusion among aspirants. The better idea is to read again and again same books which will pay you more in the exam.

If books are written by well-known author , the content of the books remain almost same even if you read 10 books on one subject the way of explaining topics may differ.

So if you switch books every time, you waste money as well as time. You make things much difficult and increase burden at the same time.

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