IAS Books: The Complete List Of IAS Exam books ( Updated) 2018-19.

By | 01/08/2018

IAS Books-

If you are looking for the best IAS books to clear IAs exam , this post can help you in deciding the right books. Market is full of books and most of them seems similar to each other, and this is the big confusion among students.

ias books

ias books

After reading tons of IAS books while IAS exam preparation , i can say that these books will be the best guide for you to cover entire upsc syllabus.

If you are serious about IAS exam preparation, you need best set of books to clear this exam. I have listed some of the best books which are read by millions of students daily to clear ias exam.

All these books are based on the UPSC syllabus in prelims and mains exam. These books cover entire syllabus of ias exam. Thousands of students have cleared IAS exam by read these books and many more are in line.

These are the books which you will need in IAS exam preparation to clear it in your first attempt. Though you may have some of the books which are mentioned here, and rest books can be bought from here. So don’t worry , I have provided all the links so that you can easily order them online and get within a 2-3 days at your doorstep.

After lots of research and suggestion from IAS toppers of the previous years, I have selected best books for all the subject in UPSC exam.

IAS Books For Prelims-

Prelims is the first stage of UPSC exam which has two papers known as Paper-01 General Studies and Paper-02 CSAT. Both the papers are objective in nature and carry 200 marks each. First paper contains 100 questions with each 2 marks and second papers has 80 questions.

Paper -1 General Studies is counted for Prelims merit and you will be called qualified for mains only if you score minimum the cut-off marks.

Where paper-02 is qualifying in nature and you need minimum 33% marks to qualify in prelims. So no need to worry much about this paper if you already know some Math and English Grammar.

UPSC Prelims Syllabus– Prelims syllabus contains Almost all the subject including History, Economy, geography, science and art & culture etc...Read more about Prelims Syllabus in Details-

The following list if exclusively made for prelims exam for the above mentioned subject. I have listed two books for each subject on priority basis and you can choose any one of them. If you are really fall in love with books then buy both book. Lets start-


NCERT are the foundation books in IAS exam preparation, if you are new to this exam reading NCERT books before main books can make your ias preparation journey more enjoyable. The Previous years question paper of IAS prelims exam are proof that lot of questions are directly asked from NCERT books.

So it is always advisable to read NCERT books from 6th to 12th. If you are in scarcity of time then go for class 9th to 12th. You can download NCERT books in PDF Form from here. You can also buy NCERT books online from this link.

IAS Books General Studies-

Some aspirants hate reading so many books for one paper due to various reason like shortage of time, frequent travel etc. So they search for a single IAS books for general studies paper -01. This books is made for those students which is based on ias syllabus and cover entire ias syllabus in one books.

General Studies -01 Click To Buy

Prelims paper -01

general studies paper -01

You can read this book for prelims paper -01 and clear it with high marks-


CSAT is the second paper which is qualifying in nature in prelims exam. This paper has 80 question and all are objective in nature. You need to score 33% marks to pass this paper. This paper does not require multiple books to clear it.

you can read one good book which cover all the ias syllabus in details. If you read this books , you can easily score more than 33% marks in the exam.

CSAT Paper Books- Click To Buy.

Complete books for upsc prelims & mains

CSAT Book For Prelims exam

IAS Books History-

History subject is divided into 3 parts- Ancient,medieval and Modern. Al the tree part has specific ias books to cover ias syllabus. Here are the books for all the part of history subject in prelims exam.

Ancient History-

In prelims paper 6-7 questions are asked from ancient history subject. In ancient history we read from Indus Vally civilization to 3-4 AD. These books will cover  all the syllabus of ancient history-


Ancient History Books- Click to buy Online

ancient history books

ancient history books

Medieval History Books-

This portion cover the middle era of Indian and world History from 3-4 AD to 1400 AD. Generally we expect 4-5 questions from this section in prelims exam so we can’t ignore this portion. There are plenty of source for this portion of Indian History.

But this books is more orgnized and made simple to understand the middle portion of history. Let’s have a look –

Medieval History Books.- Click To Buy Online

Medieval History of India

Medieval History of India

Modern History Books-

Modern history starts from 1400 AD Onward till today. This portion includes Indian struggle for independence, after independence era and now.

Most of the history questions are asked from this section only.Here are some ias books which cover modern history portion very well. So let’s explore these books-

Modern History of India-Click To Buy Online

Modern History Of India

Modern History Of India


IAS Books Geography-

IAS prelims syllabus contains Indian and world Geography topics and these books are enough to cover complete geography syllabus. 10-15 questions are expected in prelims exam from geography subject, so prepare  geography well before exam.

These are some best books for geography subject which cover complete syllabus in details. These books are also recommended by IAS toppers.

Physical Geography Book By Click To Buy Online

These books are enough to cover complete geography syllabus for prelims exam in details. Need not to buy both the map books or same book again . We have selected most read book so you can easily decide which to read for geography  subject.

IAS Books Economy-

Indian economy books are required to cover core syllabus of ias exam where NCERT books are handy in clearing basis concepts of Economy. You can read NCERT books of class 6th to 12th for economy subject to make strong grip in the subject.

10-12 questions are expected in prelims exam from Indian and world economy subject so sound knowledge is need to score high marks in the prelims exam.

Here are some of the best books for Indian economy subject which cover entire economy syllabus in details for prelims exam. Let’s have a look on these books-

IAS Books Environment-

Since UPSC has included Indian Forest Service Prelims exam with IAS prelims exam, the number of question from Environment section has increased a lot. Every year more than 20 questions are appearing in prelims exam directly or indirectly.

This is the reason now students are paying more attention to environment section. I have listed some of the best books for Environment subject for prelims exam. Let’s have a look-

These are some of the best and most read environment book for upsc prelims exam by students. You can read any one of these book which ever is available with you. Reading more than 1 book may depend on your capability and time constraint.

IAS Books Polity-

Indian Polity cover topics from our constitution to modern laws , parliament related information in details. There are two books which is mostly recommended by expert for Indian polity subject and I am also suggesting these two books  only.

These books are very well track record in prelims and mains exam in covering all the question base of upsc exam. These book are written in very lucid language so that you as a new aspirants can easily grasp everything written in this book.

These two ias books on Indian Polity will be more than sufficient to cover all the topics of prelims exam so get them as soon as possible.

IAS Books For Mains-

Once you clear IAS prelims exam, your need study material for mains exam. UPSC mains exam is totally different than prelims. Mains exam is subjective in nature, you have to write long answer within the word limit specified by UPSC.

IAS mains exam consists of 9 papers- 2 Language paper, 4 General Studies, 1 Essay and 2 Optional subject. In Mains, you have luxury to choose any one subject as your optional subject based on the list made by UPSC for the subjects.

So you can score good marks in optional subject as it will be of your choice. Choose optional subject carefully, if you do not have any idea about how to choose optional subject for high marks, read this article once before you select optional subject.

 IAS Mains Compulsory English – 17 Years’ Solved Papers 2001-2017.

English language is a paper of mains exam, this paper is not counted for mains merit list but every aspirants have to clear it with minimum passing marks. This paper does not require special preparation because the question is made to test the very basic understanding of the English Language.

If you solve the above mentioned papers, you get a clear idea how upsc ask question in mains exam in english paper.

Indian Language Paper-

This is another language paper where you get a option to choose any Indian language for this paper. So we can not specify any one book for particular language aspirants take different language based on their comfort level.

You need not any specified book for this paper but you are advised to read any good book of grammar of that language.


In essay paper, you have to write long essay on 1-2 topics which requires extensive reading and knowledge of topics. The another important aspect of the essay paper is to know how we should proceed towards it .

This is one of the most read book for Essay in UPSC exam where more than 100 essay on different topics are written well.You can read this book to understand how easily essay can be written to score high marks in the ias exam.

UPSC mains has the same set of books and most of the books are same what you read in prelims exam. So you need not to buy them again. If you need complete booklist  for ias mains  in details, read this post where every book in mentioned along with the picture of the book.

UPSC IAS Mains Books-Read More-



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