IAS Preparation Tips
IAS Preparation Tips

IAS Preparation Tips- Must Read For Beginner Aspirants.

IAS Preparation Tips
IAS Preparation Tips

IAS Preparation tips-

Clearing UPSC exam is dream for most of the young aspirants in India and we are here to make your dream come true. We believe that you can clear UPSC exam easily if guided in right direction and we will help you in this portion of your UPSC journey.

In this article you will come to know complete strategy for IAS preparation with some other important factor which affects your IAS preparation in big way. We simplify complete IAS preparation in 5 steps which are given below-

How To Start IAS Preparation As A Beginner ?

First step in IAS preparation is knowing about the exam , its patterns , types of questions , syllabus and complete knowledge of books and study material. IAS exam is conducted by UPSC every year in three steps which are famously known as Prelims , Mains and Interview ( Personality test ).

Prelims- This is the first stage in CSE exam which consists of 2 paper , One is general studies paper-1 and other is CSAT . Both paper are objective types and negative marking is applied.

In paper 2 Which is known as CSAT , you just need to qualify it by scoring 33 % of marks. Your merit will be decided based on paper-1 .

Paper 2 is reasoning types where paper 1 consists of all the subject including current affairs so large knowledge base is needed in prelims paper 1.

Best Approach For IAS Preparation- Prelims-

Basic books like NCERTS are the fundamental in prelims exam , most of the prelims paper 1 questions are asked directly from NCERTS books . So it is well advised to read all the basic NCERT books from class 6th to 12th before going for actual specified books.

Once you finish all the NCERTS then read these specified books which are exclusively made for UPSC prelims preparation. All the books are listed here which are read by Most of IAS topper during their IAS preparation.

Click here -UPSC Prelims Book List For English Medium

Click here – UPSC Prelims Book List For Hindi Medium

Importance Of Current Affairs In IAS Preparation-

It has been observed that UPSC has shifted it question base from core syllabus to current affairs so they are asking around 40 to 50 percent questions from current affairs.

current affairs can not be prepared in a month so continuous preparation is required to make sound knowledge of current affairs.

The best source of current affairs is The Hindu Newspaper for english medium aspirants and any other newspaper for hindi medium aspirants depends on the availability at your place. The best way to read newspaper to make notes while reading it because we human being have strong tendency of forgetting things very easily and if we make notes on daily basis ,we keep that information for longer time in our head.

Time Management For IAS Preparation Is Must-

Time is priceless specially when you are preparing for IAS exam. A normal aspirants required at least 5 to 7 hour daily for a year to clear this exam and some aspirants claim of 10 to 14 hours of daily study.

But hours does not matter a lot , your output matter ,your quality of study is important. If you are a working professional , housewife ,college student , you will have to work hard to compete those who are delicately preparing for this exam.

You may have some advantages over other but you have to give enough time so that you can complete such a large syllabus of UPSC exam. So management of time is very crucial here .

Every minute counts and is important in IAS preparation , so make a well thought plan and give sufficient time to all the subject as per their weightage in exam and start preparing .

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Importance Of Test Series In IAS Preparation-

Test series are the real mirror for an aspirants so every one must attempt at least 10 test series before going for IAS Prelims exam. Test series are the set of question papers which are made to test your preparation well before actual exam so that you can improve your mistakes before exam.

Test series must be attempted in time bound situation so that you get exact idea about your preparation. This is a type of practice of actual exam . It has been found that those who attempted test series before exam , got higher marks in the actual exam so this is the power of test series.

There are large number of test series available online so you can buy them and practice to score high in prelims exam.



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