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By | 01/02/2018

1-IAS Preparation For Beginners !

Everyone wants to become an IAS officer , but how many of them actually know about IAS preparation or how to prepare for IAS exam.? Every year more than 1 million aspirants apply for UPSC civil service exam in India and do you know how many of them get selected by UPSC ? Only 1000 candidates and what about rest 99.9% aspirants ? They try again next year.

So today we will talk about how to be one of the those 1000 candidates and what are the steps you should follow , best books for ias preparation , upsc syllabus etc. This article is specially made for those aspirants who have searched a lot about IAS exam preparation on internet and did not find complete information. This article will cover each and everything which is required in IAS preparation journey and take hardly 20 minutes of time.

We will also discuss following topics in this article in details-

  1. What is IAS exam Pattern ?
  2. How to prepare IAS exam from home.
  3. How to prepare IAS exam without coaching.
  4. Best books for IAS exam preparation.
  5. Importance of Notes in IAS preparation.
  6. Importance of Mock Test In IAS preparation.
  7. Best Online websites / Sources for IAS preparation.
  8. Importance of NCERT Books In IAS preparation.
  9. Complete IAS syllabus .
  10. How to make time-table for IAS preparation?

What is IAS exam Pattern ?

IAS which stands for Indian administrative service is an All India Service like IPS and IRS . IAS exam is conducted by UPSC ( union public service commission ) every year in three stages prelims , mains and Interview. Usually this exam starts in the months of june and last till december so it takes almost a year to complete . UPSC also conducts exam for various other posts like IPS , IFS , IRS and other Group Services along with IAS .

Those who clear this exam with high rank get into IAS , IPS , IFS, IRS and other services which are based on the preference of the candidates and their ranking. So if you want to become An IAS officer , you have to give your preference as IAS and score high marks to be in the top 150 candidates list.

IAS exam pattern is divided into 3 stages-Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Stage-1 Prelims Exam-

Prelims exam is the first step which is also known as qualifying exam for civil services. Prelims exam consists of 2 papers- The 1st paper is called General Studies which marks are counted for the prelims exam merit so you have to score high in this paper to clear IAS prelims exam . Paper 2 Which is also called CSAT is just for qualifying nature in prelims exam where you have to score minimum 33% marks to clear Prelims exam.

Note– You have to score minimum 33% marks in both the paper to clear prelims exam where paper 1 marks are counted for prelims merit.( if you score well above in paper 1 and fail in CSAT then you will be disqualified for prelims ).

Prelims Paper 1 Details

  • Total Marks -200
  • Number of questions-100 ( all multiple answer types questions)
  • Negative marking -yes

Prelims paper -1 is consists of various topics which are given below . So you have to prepare all these topics to clear paper 1 in IAS prelims exam.

  • Current events of national and international importance.
  • History of India and Indian National Movement.
  • Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.
  • Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.
  • Economic and Social Development Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc.
  • General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change – that do not require subject specialization.
  • General Science

How to prepare for IAS Prelims Paper-1

Preparing for prelims paper 1 is very crucial for every aspirants because this is the first step to get into this service and most aspirants fail in this paper due to various reasons ( We will discuss later in this article). The calculation speaks itself that more than 10,00000 aspirants apply for this exam and only 12000 are called for mains and more than 95% aspirants fails in prelims papers, forget about 9 other papers of mains exam. So your moto should be clear prelims exam at your very first attempt and then write mains , interview.

Clearing prelims exam is not a big task if you prepare it in right direction and follow few important guidelines . There are some aspirants who score 180+ marks in prelims paper 1 where cut-off is around 105 to 107 marks till today so the only difference is how you prepare this paper.

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Prepare In Right Direction-

You can clear IAS prelims exam in your first attempt if you prepare it in right direction . Right direction means , you should have a clear understanding of prelims paper, its syllabus , types of questions , time management and right kind of books.

UPSC prelims syllabus is well-defined but there are some questions which surprise everyone in the exam so you need not to worry about that but you can prepare most of the UPSC prelims syllabus at home without a coaching. We have selected some of the best books for IAS exam which are read by IAS topper every year and cover almost all the topics of IAS prelims syllabus.

The best part of these books – They all are available online at very affordable rates so you need not to go to market and search for each book. Read this articles for complete books for ias prelims exam.Some of the best books for upsc exam in prelims paper 1 are given below . These books cover complete prelims syllabus in details so you can read these books to clear IAS prelims exam preparation.

Indian Polity-  (English Medium )

Indian History ( Highly recommended )

Indian Economy


Art and Culture


Science & Tech

Prelims Paper-2 Details

  • Total Marks -200
  • Number of questions -80
  • Negative marking- Yes
  • Nature-Only qualifying

Prelims paper 2 which is also known as CSAT is a qualifying paper where you have to score minimum 33% marks to clear prelims exam. Due to its qualifying nature many aspirants pay less attention to CSAT paper and failed even after scoring very good marks in prelims paper-1.

So never make such a mistake and prepare it well so that you can score at least 33% marks in this paper. This paper consists of maths questions ,reasoning, english language, grammar etc . the best approach to score high in this paper is to solve easy questions first and then go for difficult. You just need 33% marks so need not to solve all the questions to score high in this paper.

Syllabus of CSAT Paper-02-

  • Comprehension.
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills.
  • Logical reasoning and analytical ability.
  • Decision-making and problem-solving.
  • General mental ability.
  • Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude, Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc.

IAS Preparation Books For Prelims Paper -2

This paper does not need so many books because the syllabus of this paper is based on 10th classes so most of the topics are well covered by us in our school days. The english language and grammar is also 10th class level. But if you are not in touch with studies , you are recommended to buy any one book which covers all the topics of prelims paper-2 in details . Some of the best books for upsc prelims paper 2 (CSAT) are given below.


Once you clear IAS prelims exam , you are called for Mains exam which starts in the month of october every year. IAS mains exam is the most important exam which tests the basic understanding and analysing ability of the candidates.

ias preparation

Stage -2 IAS Mains Exam-

IAS mains consists of 9 papers which are explained below-Click To download Complete UPSC exam syllabus (PDF File )

  • Paper A – Modern Indian language 300 Marks – Qualifying nature – Marks not counted mandatory
  • Paper B – English – 300 marks – Qualifying nature – Marks not counted Mandatory
  • Essay – 250 Marks –
  • General Studies-I 250 Marks (Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society).
  • General Studies -II: 250 Marks ( Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations).
  • General Studies -III 250 Marks (Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management).
  • General Studies -IV 250 Marks (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude).
  • Optional Subject – Paper I -250 Marks.
  • Optional Subject – Paper II -250 Marks.

Click to Download Complete IAS Mains Syllabus PDF File

Watch this video for complete UPSC exam Books-

So now you are well aware of IAS mains exam books . Here we have made an exclusive list of best books for ias exam for ias mains. You can get all the required IAS exam books for IAS mains online.If you need complete IAS exam books for main then click here- UPSC Mains Books

Get all the IAS mains booklist at affordable rates from here-Click to buy online

Importance of notes in IAS exam preparation.

Note making is very important for IAS exam preparation. Note making is very helpful when you have to revise lots of IAS preparation study material in less time. There are some other benefits of note making-

  1. -Note making helps us to memorize things in better way. When we make notes , we write again and again and this practice helps us to remember things for longer time.
  2. -Note making helps us to organise study material in more systematic manner.

While making notes for IAS preparation one need to be very particular towards word limit. There is a standard rule of note making which is 1/10 of the total word limit. Always try to make notes in colourful manner so that you can remember them easily.

Importance of Mock test In IAS preparation.

UPSC exam is one of the most difficult exam in India so it is always better to attempt it with full preparation. Mock test are the pre-test of your IAS preparation which helps you to understand your actual preparation level . Mock test also useful in analysing the week and strong points of your preparation. The week points can be improved later.

You should try to give as many as mock test as you can before prelims and mains exam. Mock test also helps you to boost your prelims and mains score in considerable level. You can give FREE mock test or paid which are available online.

There is no hard and fast rule for mock test time but it always recommended that you should try to attempts them well in time so that you can analyse your preparation in time. Mock test must be given in time bound situation so that you can access your real IAS preparation level. If you attempt good number of mock test before exam , your marks will definitely increase in the actual exam.

In the beginning you will not able to score more than 30% so need not worry about that once you give 10 to 15 mock test , your score will automatically improve to 50% to 60%. Once you reach upto 60% To 70% in your mock test , you can be sure of clearing in prelims exam.( if you have taken mock test from well-known coaching institutes ).

Importance of NCERT Books In IAS preparation.

Every year 10 to 15 questions directly comes from NCERT books in IAS prelims exam  so you can not ignore NCERT in any condition. NCERT are the basic study material for IAS exam which makes a strong foundation for various subjects. It is highly recommended to read NCERT of class 6th to class 12th before reading course book.

If you read NCERT books before actual course books, you will better understand course books. There are some topics which are well covered in NCERT books than any other course book. Indian culture and indian history are very well explained in NCERT of class 6trh to 12th.

After reading NCERT of history , you need not to read much books to cover history portion of UPSC exam syllabus. So NCERT books are highly recommended for every IAS aspirants for strong foundation.

Notes From NCERT Books-

Revising NCERT of class 6th to 12th in short time is not possible if you did not make any notes from them. Once you read all the NCERT books , you can make notes of them for future revision. This practice not only save your time in last time but also help you to revise complete NCERT books in very short time before exam.

Note should be made for difficult topics only . If you will start making notes for every chapter then it will take lots of time and hard to revise such a huge notes. Your NCERT notes must be short , in keywords and in colourful ink.

Interview/Personality Test – 275 Marks

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