How To Prepare UPSC Exam Without Coaching ? Smart Preparation Techniques.

By | 05/09/2017

How To Prepare UPSC Exam Without coaching-

If you are preparing for UPSC exam and not able to get admission coaching in so-called big coaching institute ,don’t worry I am here to tell you each and every steps which will help you in clearing UPSC exam without any coaching .

There was a time when people used to be very depend on coaching institute for all types of preparation ,study material, test series, guidance etc. But time has totally changed ,due to increase penetration of internet ,people are more easily getting  study materials from their home.

In this article i will tell you how to Prepare UPSC Exam Without Coaching  in smart way so that you will not needed to get admission in any types of coaching classes anywhere . I will also tell you how one should plan his/her preparation without coaching in smart way to clear UPSC in first attempt.

We will discuss following points in this article in details-

  1. Is coaching institute must to clear UPSC exam ?
  2. Why coaching institutes are important for UPSC preparation ?
  3. How to approach UPSC exam without Coaching institute
  4. Importance of self-study in UPSC exam preparation.
  5. How to access Coaching institute study material without spending Zero Rupees.

Which are the alternatives of Coaching institutes ? Or How To Prepare UPSC Exam Without coaching institutes are important for UPSC preparation ?

  • Coaching institute provide you well prepared study material by them so you need not to work hard to gather all the article online ,read multiple magazine and they do all these task for you at certain price.( Included in Fee )
  • Coaching institute provides guidelines , study material and have extensive study plan of whole year .( Most coaching institute )
  • They have  subject specific study plan with full of coaching material which they have made their own which is helpful in preparation.
  • They have well experienced experts of most subjects so you will get best coaching for these subjects.
  • You can get all types of coaching from single subjects to complete course at one place so this flexibility may help you if you are looking for any particular subjects coaching.
  • You get a very good study environment there so it can help you if you engage in healthy debate or group discussion.
  • You have a psychological advantage that you have enrolled in reputed coaching institute .

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Are coaching classes must to clear UPSC’ exam ?

If I simply answer this question, I must say “NO ”

Lets elaborate this answer Coaching institutes are those institution which are run by private individuals ( Most of them ) in our country and most of them are located in BIG cities like Delhi. These institute are manged by experts in their respective subjects so you can trust them. These institutes are doing same course for more than 10 years so they have vast experience of UPSC preparation . All these factors which attracts aspirants from remote area of our country to join them.If you want to prepare for ias prelims without coaching you tube ,Join Our YouTube Channel For FREE.

But there are some silent facts which will shake you about these coaching institutes

  • These coaching institutes are located in big cities so very few can access them. Those who reside in remote areas ,villages can not go there for a year  to study due to multiple reasons ( Distance , financial , Social ).
  • The most shocking reality is fee structure of these coaching institutes. They charge very high fee for coaching which starts from Rs-20,000 to Rs-200000 for a course.
  • If you are out of that area then you will have to bear all the others expenses of living in that city which is also additional financial burden for you.
  • They have Test series (just 30 to 40 ) papers set which cost Rs-8000 to Rs-12000. which is very high amount for those who want become IAS officer but are financially weak.
  • Coaching institute do not promise of success but help you becoming successful .After all you are the one who will have to work hard to clear this exam.
  • Everyone dream to become IAS officer but very few people can access these coaching classes so if you are one who is not able to join them ,need not to worry at all. I will tell you how you can crack IAS exam without coaching .

There are many ways to get all the study material which is made by these coaching institute. Most true fact is that either you join any coaching institute or not ,you have to work hard to crack this exam no other will make you successful. Others can guide you ,motivate you for a while but the real motivation will come form your own determination , will power and determination.

There are may people who clear ias exam every year without coaching ,they clear ias exam only by self study.So if these people can clear UPSC without coaching why not you.

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How to approach UPSC exam without any Coaching ?

How To Prepare UPSC Exam Without Coaching-Now you are aware about some of the facts about coaching institute so we can estimate how important these coaching institute are for your preparation and how you can by-pass them.

  • Almost every coaching institute has its YouTube channels where they upload their class room video free of cost and you can access them easily.
  • They upload all the classes there to attracts more aspirants to their coaching institutes but you can get all the required coaching online free.
  • Every coaching institute has their website where they write post related to upsc preparation which can be easily accessible in google.
  • So you need not to go directly Delhi or other big cities for coaching classes and spend lakhs of rupees there. You can get all these stuff online .

We have made a well Though Preparation Plan for all our UPSC aspirants where we provide all types  of guidance and Suggest Best Study Material which is very helpful in UPSC exam preparation.

How to prepare for upsc prelims without coaching ?

UPSC prelims is the first stage of civil service examination which is the gateway of Mains exam. If you are preparing upsc without any coaching classes , you have to follow some basic guidelines for UPSC prelims exam. As we know UPSC prelims paper one is the deciding paper for your entrance of mains exam. So you have to remember some key steps while preparing this paper. We have 5 step plan for you to clear UPSC prelims exam without coaching.

5 Step Plan -How To Prepare UPSC Exam Without Coaching

1-Know UPSC SyllabusGetting complete UPSC exam syllabus before going ahead for UPSC preparation. UPSC syllabus is very important for every aspirants who wants to clear UPSC exam without any coaching. UPSC has well-defined its prelims as well as mains syllabus and need to download it and memorize it . It has been found that most of UPSC aspirants fail in UPSC exam because they do not pay attention to syllabus . If you are in coaching institute , they might aware you about UPSC syllabus but in self-study you have to arrange it all . I can help you in this so i have downloaded complete syllabus for you .Here you can download UPSC syllabus so that your preparation should go in right direction.

2-Books For UPSC- There are thousands of books in the market which will make you confuse .it is always better to research well before buying UPSC exam books. We have done lots of research to select right kind of UPSC books for  aspirants which not only cover UPSC syllabus but also helps in reducing your extra weight of books.There are basic rule of selecting any books for UPSC exam which are mentioned below-

  1. Buy only those books which covers UPSC syllabus.
  2. Read only those books which are not so big /fat that can not be easily revised.
  3. Buy books which are read by most of IAS topper .They have read these books so they have enough experience of these nooks.
  4. Do not buy more than 2 books for one subject it will be difficult for you in revising.

Reading best study material for UPSC preparation is must which includes Basic books ,NCERT and other Specific books.You can get all the books from here which are suggested as per UPSC exam syllabus. We believe in reading less and revising more strategy which suits for UPSC exam requirements . You can get complete books here which are read and suggested by IAS topper.

Some useful books for UPSC prelims exam-Click to buy online-

Some useful books for UPSC Mains exam.Click to buy online.

3-Optional For UPSCOptional plays very crucial role in UPSC exam because this is the only paper where you can expect some question of your preparation plan. Other four papers are of general studies which are totally unpredictable. So you can score high in optional papers if you prepare if in smart way.

So before you prepare it you have to choose the right optional for UPSC exam. Selection of optional for UPSC is little bit tricky so you can read this article where I have mentioned all the important steps to follow while selecting Optional For UPSC exam

4-Prepare Notes without coaching – Note making is very helpful in upsc exam preparation specially when you are preparing for UPSC without coaching . In coaching institute , they provide you coaching material / notes etc which cost you heavy as coaching FEE. To save your money , you can make your own notes which are more helpful than any other notes. When we approach the exam we have to revise the complete stuff in very less time and here notes play very crucial role .

If you have maintained good notes throughout year you will easily revise all the important material in very less time. So it is always suggested that everyone must make some types of note while preparing for UPSCexam.Keep these tips in mind while making notes for UPSC exam-

  1. Make notes for difficult topics only.
  2. Make your notes precise .
  3. Follow 1/10 rule in note making.( 100 words paragraph into 10 words note )
  4. Use colourful pen if possible.
  5. Make separate notes for different types of subjects.

5-Revision- Studies has proved that we as a human being forget most of what we read in a week if we do not revise it so revision is the best way to study well for UPSC exam.Without revision we miss lots of stuff and go blank in examination hall. This is the most common reason we leave many questions unattended in examination hall.

You can revise on daily basis ,suppose you revise what you read yesterday and then read new things. It will take time but stay longer in your head. This is how You Can Prepare UPSC Exam Without Coaching.

If you follow all these steps regularly ,your success chances are high. Good Luck.

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How to prepare current affairs without coaching ?

Current affairs are the most important segment in UPSC exam where they ask more tha 50% questions in prelims and 60% to 70% questions in mains. Current affairs have a huge role in the selection of a candidate in civil services so you have to prepare it very well without any coaching classes.

Coaching classes provide their own made current affairs booklets where they combine different sources into one booklet to save the time of aspirants. For this work they charge huge money in the coaching FEE which is already included.

If you are preparing for UPSC without coaching , you will have to work little more to arrange these study material but you can do it easily. Most of the current affairs questions come from Newspaper, websites, Magazine only.Coaching institutes also prepare current affairs from same source so you need to follow these steps to prepare current affairs without coaching.

  1. Start reading newspaper daily and analyse important topics , editorials deeply.
  2. Always read editorials of newspaper , watch Rajya Sabha TV discussion if possible.
  3. Follow some good Govt websites , PIB, AIR .

By following all these sources regularly , you can prepare current affairs for upsc exam without coaching .

How to approach for IAS Mains without coaching ?

We have discussed lot about how we should study for UPSC exam without coaching . Now we will get some idea about how we should prepare for IAS mains without coaching institute. IAS prelims is just for entrance where mans exam will decide your future , your ranking in the exam . It will also decide whether you will get IAS rank or IPS so lots of things are depend on your mains exam.

Clearing mains exam with good marks is required to get high rank in UPSC exam. You can clear UPSC mains with high marks even without coaching if you prepare it smartly. Most expert and IAS topper always say that the secret of success is the self-study , without self-study you can not clear UPSC exam even if you spend 12 hours in coaching institutes.

If you have solid preparation strategy and best books for upsc exam you can score high marks in mains without coaching. coaching institute provides guideline, coaching material ( study material ), they have planned approach , dedicated experts to guide you in every step but many of them still fail in prelims exam.

So enrolling in coaching institute does not give you the guarantee of success in UPSC exam , you have to do self-study and then you can clear this exam.  You can follow these tips for IAS mains exam preparation without any coaching .

  1. UPSC mains exam is different from prelims so you have to change your approach towards it.
  2. Start reading books based on the mains syllabus .
  3. Start revising them and do answer writing practice as much as you can.
  4. The more you do writing practice ,better you will write in mains exam.
  5. Give mock test any get review from experts before actual exam it will help you to understand your preparation level in time.
  6. Improve your analytical ability , clarity of concept , ability to write better content in the exam.

Focusing on above mentioned points will help you preparing for UPSC mains exam even without any coaching classes.

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