Prepare UPSC Online From Village||Smart Techniques !!

By | 12/09/2017
prepare upsc online

prepare upsc online

Prepare UPSC Online From Village-

The time has gone when Clearing UPSC exam was the goal of Urban people only due to absence of some basic and most important element of UPSC preparation. Some year ago , hardly any aspirants could dare to become civil servant due to above mentioned reasons.

Still there are some strong reason why rural /village aspirants are not able to make their name in the final list and today i will tell you about all the basic as well as advance  facilities which will not only help you in UPSC exam preparation but also you can make your name in the final list in first attempts.

In this article i will tell you step by step guide which will make your preparation equivalent to a aspirants who is preparing in Delhi without actually going there.

You will only need two basic thing in your preparation-1 A smart phone and Internet connection that’s it. As you are reading this article so can I assume that you have either smart phone and active internet connection.

Let’s brief about UPSC exam pattern- UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission ) Conduct CSE exam every year in three stages – Prelims , Mains and Interview.

Prelims consists of two paper

  • Paper 1 General Studies ( 200 Marks ) counts for Merit                                                          
  • Paper 2 CSAT ( 200 Marks ) Only qualifying nature.

Where mains consists of Total 9 paper

  •     Languages-02 Only Qualifying Nature.                                                                          
  •    Essay-01 Counted for Final Merit                                                                         
  •    General studies -04
  •    Optional -02

Step- 1 Select Best Books For UPSC Exam

Prepare UPSC Online From Village-Once you have decided to jump in the battle of UPSC  you need all the weapon required to win this war and books are the most important weapon in the so-called war of UPSC. UPSC has very large syllabus or you can say it asks almost everything under the sun. So you can not read everything because you are human being and our mind has some limitation . The best thing is to do smart work which will solve all the problems in easy way.

The best thing is that UPSC has notified its syllabus so you can either download it or read it several time till you memorie it completely. The nest step is the selection of books and I am here you tell you the best books for UPSC exam preparation which are read by most IAS topper many time . And these books cover almost all the UPSC exam syllabus so you can buy them from local market. ( If you are from rural area ,these books will not be available there but I will help you in getting all these books at your door within a week .) So get all these books at very affordable price from here

Click here – English Medium Books For UPSC Exam.

Click here – Hindi Medium Books For UPSC Exam.

Note- It is advised to read NCERT books from class 6th to 12th to make your basics clear before you actually start reading core syllabus books. it has been seen that some questions are directly asked from NCERT books so NCERT are must in UPSC exam preparation. Read one Newspaper along with above mentioned books which is must for UPSC exam in both medium .

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Step -02 Study Plan For Smart Preparation.

Prepare UPSC Online From Village-As you are preparing UPSC from Village so you will may not get enough people around you which can motivate you for this exam but people will try to demotivate you here so you will have to start motivating yourself and start preparing for upsc exam. This exam lasts for a year so you may distract any moment of time so have enough patience. Time management is key to success in this exam ,and plan your time accordingly . You have to give at least 5 to 7 hour daily for this exam for a year.

Step-03 Are Coaching Classes Must For UPSC ?

Prepare UPSC Online From Village-There are assumption that coaching classes are must for this exam but this is not true. This assumption has been proved wrong many time. There are large number of IAS topper who are clearing UPSC exam with high rank without coaching . So do not feel helpless if you are not residing in a city like delhi to attend any coaching class.

Even if you feel need of coaching then you can get it from home . There are many reputed coaching institute which provide offline coaching study material which can be bought online from your home. If you do not want to spend money to these coaching institute then go online platform like YouTube , Google where large number of coaching videos are available free of cost , You can watch them there easily.

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Step-04 Making Notes For Final Reading.

Prepare UPSC Online From Village-Notes are very important in UPSC exam preparation because upsc has large syllabus and at the end of the year you will have to revise all the books in very less time which is almost impossible . So notes play very crucial role here, if you have good notes from the beginning then you can revise all the syllabus in very less time. You will only feel the value of notes when you will have 2 days before exam and you will have 5 books to revise. 

Studies have shown that when we read something by writing in note-book we tend to remember it for longer time so it will also help you in memorizing stuff in much easier way.

Follow the note making standard rule of 10/100 words. You should be able to precise the complete paragraph in 1/10 format then only these notes will be handy in last time.

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Step 05 Give Mock Test For Prelims.

Prepare UPSC Online From Village-Mock test or test series are must before you go for actual exam in prelims . Mock test is the practice of what you have read in last 6 to 9 months . Test series are the mirror for your actual preparation , once you give mock test you will come to know the preparation level and you can improve it later on.

but make sure that you give all the mock test in time bound manner without cheating then only these test will benefits you . Mock test can be purchased from online and these are some website which provide you free mock test, you can attempt them too.

Once you follow above mentioned steps regularly and work hard to achieve your dream goal, no one will stop you by clear UPSC exam even if you are preparing from Village. You can our website on daily basis for UPSC exam updates and other important guidance which is available here free of cost.

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Step-06 Revision Is Must For UPSC Exam-

Studies has shown that we forget most of what we read yesterday and within week if we do not revise it , regular revision is necessary to keep stuff for longer time. You can plan your reparation in such a way that you are able to revise everything in time.You can make sunday as a revision day which is most comfortable for many people . Whatever time you give for revision , it must be totally devoted to revision only.Initially you will feel your speed is slowing but after some days you will be able to retain all the stuff and it will help you in examination hall.

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