UK PCS Exam Eligibility, Exam Details, PCS Syllabus And Books.

By | May 26, 2018

1-What Is UK PCS Exam.

UK PCS (Uttarakhand Public Service Commission) is one of the dream service for large number of aspirants of Uttarakhand. I will take only 10 minutes to complete this article and you will get complete details about UK PCS exam, Its eligibility criteria, Age limit, number of attempts, PCS syllabus with download Link, Preparation tips and best books for PCS exam preparation.

2-Full Form Of PCS-

The full form of PCS is “Provincial Civil Service is a state level civil service where people who are civil servant work under the state government in that state only. A Employee of PCS work in state only they can not be transferred to other states unlike we see in UPSC IAS & IPS services.

The best part of PCS service that you get whole of your service tenure in your own state and some times in your home district too.

In UPSC exam people get frustrated due to frequent transfers from one part of the country to other part. Due to frequent transfers, they have to adjust more in their family life and professional life.

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission conducts these exams for the various departments of Uttarakhand Government and posts which includes SDM, DSP,Tehsildar Etc. UKPCS is one of the most competitive exam in Uttarakhand. People who are selected through this exam serve in top administrative posts of uttarakhand government and play crucial role in the development of the state.

UK PSC ( Uttarakhand Public Services Commission ) exam is conducted in three steps which are prelims, mains and interview. Every aspirant has to clear each step for the final selection. UK PSC conducts these exams based on the vacancy in the various departments of the state government.



3-UK PCS Exam ( Prelims, Mains and Interview )-

UK PSC conducts PCS exam in three steps which are Prelims, Mains and Interview. A candidate has to clear each step with minimum passing marks ( Cut-Off ) to enter in next round of exam. Prelims is the first step which is just for qualifying nature ( Its marks are not counted for final selection ).

3.1 UK PCS Prelims Exam-

UK PCS prelims exam consists of 2 papers which are objective types question papers with multiple answers. You are asked to choose one correct answer out of four given answers.  Here you have to be very cautious in selection of right answer because all of the answers seems right but only one answer will be the right answer.

Prelims Paper-01-

Prelims Paper -01 which is known as General Studies consists of 150 questions and each questions carries one marks. So the total marks for the Prelims paper-01 are 150. Time for paper -01 is 2 hour. Prelims paper-01 includes subjects history, Indian polity, Indian economy, India and world geography, ancient history, india’s freedom struggle, environment, current affairs and science & technology .

You can say that UK PCS prelims paper-01 cover wide range of subjects so you have to study every possible subjects based on UK PCS syllabus ( We will discuss later in this article) to clear this exam.

Download UK PCS Prelims Syllabus-Download Now

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Prelims Paper-02

Prelims Paper-02 is also known as General Knowledge Exam which consists of 100 questions and all the questions are multiple answer types . You have to choose only one correct answer for each question. Each questions will carry equal 1.5 marks so total marks for prelims paper-02 will be 150. The time for Prelims paper-02 is also 2 hours.

Prelims paper-02 which includes subjects like-Basic maths , english, reasoning, numerical identification, decision-making topics etc. UK PCS paper-02 needs lots of practice of questions to score maximum marks in the exam.

4-UK PCS Mains Exam Pattern-

After clearing UK PCS prelims exam, you have to write mains exam which is the main deciding factor for the final selection in UK PCS exam. The marks of mains exam are counted for merit and top scorer are selected for the various administrative posts by the commission.

You have to study well and score maximum in all the papers so that your total marks along with interview marks will be counted for final merit. Here is the list of the total number of question papers asked in PCS mains exam with the marks details. There are total 8 papers which marks are counted for mains exam and the total time is also same for all the papers. Let’s have a look-

  1. Paper-01 Language , Marks-300, Time 3 Hour.
  2. Paper-02 Indian History, National Movement, Social Justice and culture. Marks-200, Time-3 hour.
  3. Paper-03 Indian administration, Social justice & International Relation. Marks-200, Time-3 Hour.
  4. Paper-04 India and world economy, Marks-200, Time-3 hour.
  5. Paper-05 Economic and social development, marks-200 Time -3 hour.
  6. Paper-06 Science and technology,marks-200, time-3 hour.
  7. Paper-07 General interest and Conduct Science , marks-200 , time-3 hour.
  8. Interview-Marks-200.
  9. Total-1700 marks

Every question paper is compulsory and in language paper minimum 35% marks are compulsory and all the papers are the subjective type so you have to answer as per the required word limit mentioned in the question paper.

5-UK PCS Exam Eligibility-

Uttarakhand PCS exam has specified the basic eligibility criteria for PCS exam in its official website. Some of the main and necessary eligibility details are mentioned below for UK PCS exam. It is mandatory to fulfill all the required basic eligibility for the PCS exam before applying otherwise your participation will not be counted.

5.1 Age Limit For UK PCS Exam-

The age limit for UK PCS exam is different for different category but the minimum age limit is 21 years and maximum age limit is different for SC, ST and OBC candidates. The highest age limit for UK PCS exam is 42 years. The candidate of OBC category get 3 year relaxation in upper age limit where SC/ST gets 5 year relaxation in upper age limit.UK PSC change its eligibility criteria sometimes so you can also check the latest notification from its official websites-UKPSC

5.2 Educational Qualification for UK PCS-

The minimum educational qualification for UK PCS exam is graduation degree from any recognized university ( Public , Private , deemed ) or equivalent qualification. The university must be approved from UGC, DEC authorities. So make sure that you have a  graduation degree from university before applying for this exam

6-How To apply for UK PCS Exam-

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission conducts these exam and ask application online through its official website known as UKPSC. You need to be aware of the exam notification so that you do not miss any exam dates due to any reasons. If you want to get all the UKPSC exam related notification first at your E-mail ID , you can just drop your E-mail in our Subscription box and its FREE.

Once the UKPSC issue notification for UKPCS exam you need to visit its official website UKPSC.GOV.IN where you will get the links for the application form. Start filling all the basic information as asked in the application form then go to the payment option. You have to pay minimum amount online through NET Banking, credit card, debit card or chalan option. You can choose any one option and pay the required amount online.

If you belong the category which is exempted from FEE payment, you can choose that option mentioned in the application form. Once you fill all these information, you are required your photo and signature in digital format in specific size & resolution.

You can edit your photo and signature from Photoshop or you can do it at your own with laptop or PC at home. Here is the website link which will help you to resize your photo and signature in desired size.

7-Syllabus For UK PCS Exam-

You can not clear any exam if you do not know the syllabus of the exam. UK PCS is one of the most difficult exam for the administrative posts in Uttarakhand. Every year large number of aspirants fail in UKPCS exam just because they do not know what to read for UK PCS exam and what are the books required for UK PCS exam.

7.1 UK PCS Prelims Syllabus-

Lets look at the syllabus for UK PCS Prelims Exam- The syllabus is based on the official website of the UKPSC so the authenticity of the information is very high. You can also download it from the download link-Download UK PCS exam syllabus.

8-Books For UK PCS Exam-

As we know Books are the basic and very important tool to clear UK PCS exam. If you have best books for UK PCS exam, your success chances are much higher than other. Though there are so many books in the market for the exam but choosing right books is a big deal now a days. If you ask for a book for a subject, shopkeeper will show you 100 books for one subject.lots of aspirants get confused and buy wrong books which results in failure in the exam.

Here i have made an exclusive list of best books for UK PCS exam which based on UK PCS syllabus and cover all the topics mentioned in the Uk PCS syllabus. So you can buy these books online or offline. If you do not want spend time in market in search of these books. You can order them online and the book will be delivered within a week at your door.

Indian History, Culture and National Movement-

  • Pre-Historic Period
  • Mauryan Empire
  • Gupta Empire
  • Post-Gupta Period
  • Advent of Islam in India
  • Mughal Empire
  • Advent of Europeans
  • Indian National Congress
  • First World War & Indian National Movement
  • Government of India Act 1935


Indian History -हिंदी माध्यम

Art and Culture

Art and Culture-हिंदी माध्यम

History and Culture of Uttarakhand-

  • Pre-historic Period.
  • Proto-historic period.
  • Ancient tribes of Uttarakhand
  • Kuninda and Yaudheya
  • Kartikepur dynasty
  • Kattyuri dynasty
  • Parmar dynasty of Garhwal
  • Chand dynasty of Kumaon
  • Gorkha Invasion and their rule in Uttarakhand
  • British Rule
  • Tehri Estate
  • Freedom Movement in Uttarakhand- First war of Independence (1857) and Uttarakhand
  • Role of Uttarakhand in India’s national movement
  • People’s movements of Uttarakhand


Indian and World Geography-

  • Geography of world
  • Important Branches
  • Earth and Solar System
  • Lithosphere
  • Latitudes
  • Longitudes
  • Time
  • Rotation
  • Revolution
  • Eclipses
  • Continents
  • Mountains
  • Plateaus
  • Planes
  • Hydrosphere
  • Lakes and Rocks
  • Atmospheric layers
  • Composition
  • Isolation
  • humidity
  • Geographic Introduction
  • Relief and Structure
  • Climate
  • Drainage system
  • Vegetation
  • Plants
  • Insect
  • Livestock breeding
  • Irrigation
  • Power
  • Soils
  • Water Resources


Geography-हिंदी माध्यम

Geography of Uttarakhand-

  • Geographical location
  • Relief and Structure
  • Climate
  • Drainage system
  • Vegetation
  • Wild life
  • Minerals
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Irrigation
  • Major Cities and Tourist Places
  • Populations.


Indian & World Polity-

  • Indian Polity National & International
  • Constitution of India
  • Panchayti Raj
  • Public Policy
  • Issues Concerning Rights
  • Political System of Uttarakhand.


Indian Polity- हिंदी माध्यम

General Science & Technology and current affairs-

  • Science and Technology in India
  • Current Affairs
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Physical Science/Awareness
  • Life Science
  • Scientific Glossary
  • Current events of State, National and International Importance


Books For Economy-

Indian Economy-English Medium

Indian Economy-हिंदी माध्यम

8.1 UK PCS  Prelims Paper-02 Syllabus Details-

Reasoning & Mental Ability-

  • Aptitude
  • Logical & Analytical Ability
  • Decision
  • General Mental Ability
  • Numerical Identifications
  • Statistics Analysis

General English & Hindi Language Proficiency-

  • Vocabulary
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • One-word substitution
  • Phrases/phrasal verbs
  • Transformation of sentences.


  1. Samanya Adhyayan Paper 2 for Civil Sewa Prarambhik Pariksha Hetu (CSAT ) हिंदी माध्यम
  2. Samanya Adhyayan Solved Papers: Paper 2 for Civil Sewa Prarambik Pariksha Ke Liye (CSAT) (Hindi) हिंदी माध्यम
  3. 15 Practice Sets – CSAT Paper-2 (Civil Services Aptitude Test) (Old Edition)(Hindi). हिंदी माध्यम

8.2-UK PCS Mains Syllabus-

UK PCS  mains syllabus is very wide  so you are advised to get hold of a hard copy of the whole syllabus. Once you get all the UKPCS mains syllabus hard copy and read it again and again, your half work is already done. Now you can easily figure out which topics are good for UK PCS exam or which topics are out of syllabus. By reading only those content which are covered by UK PSC syllabus through its official notification, you save the lot of time.

Let’s have a look on the complete ukpcs Mains syllabus subject wise-

Language, Indian History, National Movement, Social & Culture,Indian Administration, Social Justice & International Relations,India & World Geography,Economic & Social Development,General Science & Technology,General Interest & Conduct Science

The details of the topics under the subject is well covered in the UKPCS prelims syllabus so you can read the prelims paper-01 syllabus first and then mains syllabus. Mains syllabus is more in-depth than prelims subject, In prelims subject they ask only objective types questions which are more factual. But in UK PCS mains exam they ask question which are analytical in nature and need more deep knowledge of the subject.

It is advised to aspirants that they should focus on facts of the topics for the prelims subjects and understand fully the topics for the mains exam. Like UPSC , UKPCS exam test candidates basic understanding of the topics.

Environment Books-

9-UK PCS Interview-

Once you clear UKPCS mains exam, you will be called for interview if you are in the merit list of the top mains candidates. The interview consists 200 marks which are very crucial for the final selection in the UK PCS exam as well as top the UK PCS exam.

If your personality is impressive and you are able to impress the interview board with your answers, the chances are high that you will get very good score in the interview. You need not to do any special preparation for UK PCS interview if you read newspaper daily and keep yourself update with the latest happening around you and the world.

Interview is basically the personality test where examiner test your suitability for the post. they can ask you any question and how you answer these questions matters a lot. So good luck.

10-Useful Links For UK PCS Exam-

UK PCS exam preparation is no longer depend on books , due to boom in the internet communication and affordability of smart phone, aspirants are preparation subject like current affairs , science and technology , newspaper online. Now you can prepare most part of the UK PCS exam online with the help of useful website made for pcs exam. There are large number of online portals and website which are helping aspirants in achieving their goal by providing them timely information, knowledge and making useful notes for them.

Keeping in mind the need of the aspirants i have selected some of the useful website for smart UK PCS exam preparation. These websites will provide you accurate study material which is very useful for PCS exam preparation.

  • All Exam Information– Online Portal for Timely Information About Govt Exams.
  • The Prs India-Online website for the updates about parliament activities.
  • Arthapedia-Blog on Economic Terminology.
  • Wikipedia-Biggest source of information for all subjects.
  • Insightsonindia-A website for Civil Service Preparation.
  • The Hindu- The English Newspaper for Current Affairs etc.
  • NDMA-National Disaster Management Authority.
  • PIB-Information About The Govt Related Activities.

11-Join Our YouTube Channel for Exam Preparation-

We have made a YouTube Channel for civil services aspirants where we provide useful videos on wide range of topics which can be helpful in exam preparation. You can also can join & Subscribe— its FREE. 

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