Useful Website For UPSC Exam-Hindi And English Medium

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Useful website for upsc exam-

Useful website for upsc exam-Websites are the best sources for upsc exam preparation today’s. There was a time when people used to study big

books for a year and clear upsc exam ,but now a days you can not clear ias exam just by reading some books whole year. The UPSC has changed its syllabus and questions base ,they are asking questions based on current issues and day-to-day interaction between public servant and people .

It is very important for new people who are preparing for upsc exam must know some important websites so that you do not miss anything which important for exam point of view.

It has been observed in last some year that most of the questions in ias exam are asked from current events around you and world . So you can not read all these daily issues in a book which is published in some months ago. Here these websites play very crucial role.

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10 Most Useful Website For UPSC – Analysis..

  • UPSC has changed its questions base so questions are coming from current issues across the world.
  • Books are not enough to cover all the syllabus of upsc exam so you need some extra source for strong preparation.
  • Current affairs comprises more than 50% of prelims paper and 60 to 70 % of mains. So the importance of useful websites is huge in current affairs preparation.
  • Books are published some months before the actual exam but upsc ask questions just before one months back so these books can not cover those portions.
  • The current affairs portion is totally based on current happening of the past one year so these websites will help you in solving this problem.
  • These are some topics where finding a good book is very painful so you can read it from these websites in just one click.
  • Books are not handy but websites can be read in your smart phone, tablet.
  • You can prepare 50% of your ias preparation online through websites so you can assume the importance of useful websites.
  • There are some useful websites which cover entire Disaster management portion if you goto market you will not get such type of book easily.
  • Those who ignore online preparation is already missed 50% of syllabus .
  • You can give test series online with help of these websites which is very important in ias preparation.

Find Complete Books For UPSC Exam

List Of The Useful Websites For UPSC Preparation.

  • Upsckey.In

Details of UPSC preparation Sites-

1-Upsckey-This website is made for all those aspirants who are new in IAS preparation and need complete guide about UPSC exam . This websites contains very useful information for upsc exam which are mentioned below-

  • You will get complete book list for upsc exam in English and hindi medium .
  • You will get Upsc exam syllabus as per latest notification which is must before you start your preparation.
  • You will get complete guide on how to crack upsc exam in one year ( Most Loved )
  • You will know how to select optional for upsc exam and required books for your optional.
  • Most important Here you can get answer of your doubt about upsc exam preparation at any time free. Just write it in comment section or mail at .So you can visit this website for above mentioned information .
  • You will get complete UPSC preparation guide which is exclusively made for those aspirants who can not access coaching classes in Big Cities. Thats why it is included in 10 Most Useful Website For UPSC Exam.

Also read-UPSC Syllabus-Download Complete UPSC Syllabus For Prelims & Mains- The founder of this website is an IAS Officer so you can get benefits of his journey as aspirants to ias officer. This is a video website where you will get lots of good videos on numerous topics from UPSC exam to CGL etc.

There are more than 100 online educator who teach all types of subjects in very easy method. Here you can get following things

  • Good quality videos in all the subjects of UPSC exam
  • Daily Newspaper analysis which is very useful for ias preparation.
  • Daily MCQ practice test with answer which are also very good initiative.
  • Large number of videos explaining History topics ,Geography concepts and many more.
  • This website covers entire upsc exam syllabus in their video free of cost so you can check it out .
  • Both hindi and english language lover can watch the videos in this website.
  • If you are also preparing for other exam like bank PO ,CGL ,this website can help you in your preparation thats why this website got place in 10 Most Useful Website For UPSC Exam.

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Join Our YouTube Channel For UPSC Preparation -Join Now This website is has many good areas where you can invest your time and the results will be fruitful. This website covers Daily current affairs in details ,mind maps ,rajya sabha tv discussion and many more which are mentioned below

  • Very good for daily current affairs from various sources like The Hindi,Pib,Business line etc.
  • It provides 9 to 10 daily current affairs with detailed information which is helpful for your mains General Studies papers too.
  • All the information is authentic so you can rely on this website for current affairs .
  • This website provides very good test series and mock test for upsc aspirants where you can buy online .
  • It has daily quiz for prelims exam practice which can act like mark booster for prelims exam.
    You can read IAS topper daily time-table and interview here which are very inspirational for new aspirants .
  • The best thing i like in this website its answer writing practice for mains exam which is very good for mains exam preparation. And your answer is also evaluated by experts of this website.
  • You can download previous year question papers and other study material from this website free of cost.
  • If you are new in ias preparation you can get idea about how to plan your preparation and score high in less time .
  • So this website worth visiting daily for smart ias preparation and included in 10 Most Useful Website For UPSC Exam.

Also read-Most Read Books For UPSC Exam-English & Hindi Medium Aspirants Clearias is a website which is specially made for UPSC exam preparation. Lakhs of people visit this website on monthly basis due to its quality articles and attractive study plans. You can find many more things here including test series to daily article . So lets find whats available in this site for you ?

  • Best for test series and mock test and you can try one free mock test to assess its quality and authenticity. So give it once before ging for further purchase.
  • It has daily good article which are based on current issues in our country and world in all the topics.
  • You can find here good study material which is also available for downloads so you can read lt later.
  • You can find book list for upsc prelins as well as mains exam .
  • Large number of study stuff is available here for downloads so you can get it from here free of cost.
  • It has all types of test series like prelims and mains .You can buy it as per your requirement .
  • Notes for all the subject are also available here so you can read them or copy them for you study use only ( Not for publication ).

Also read-How To Clear IAS Exam In First Attempt -Proven Methods This website is one of the most loved website by UPSC aspirants due to its unique features . This website has many helpful study plan which can be bought online . You can find following things in this website.

  • Daily current affairs for Mains point of view . 2 article on daily basis and PIB important article and RSTV article on weekly basis.
  • You will get daily 5 MOCK TEST questions for prelims exam.
  • You can get high quality test series at the rate of @ 8000 per set or more.
  • You can get road map for your upsc exam preparation with complete time-table.
  • has good stuff to study for upsc exam and worth visiting once a day for current affairs.
  • You can follow this website for daily current affairs for mains exam. of the leading website for its test series and current affairs . This website is one of the reputed website for upsc exam preparation. You can get all these facilities at this website .

  • Monthly current affairs for prelims and mains.
  • Important article on multiple subjects and topics.
  • Most trusted test series online and offline.
  • Online video classes in YouTube .
  • Mains Exam test series .
  • You can download all the study material from this website in PDF format at free cost.
  • This website is more popular for its test series and current affairs.
  • So it worth visiting for current affairs topics and test series and placed under 10 Most Useful Website For UPSC Exam.

Also read- Get complete IAS syllabus For Free here- Mrunal is a platform which is made for upsc aspirants .Here you will get lots of information about upsc exam in very easy language. You can watch its video lesson in YouTube which are very good for Strong UPSC preparation. Here are some key areas where this website has some edge over other.

  • Its economic article and video lesson are very useful so you can read it from there.
  • This website covers multiple subjects in its video classes so you can check out its YouTube channel.
  • You can find some good article on varies current topics in this website which are also very useful.
  • You can get all the govt exam notification and exam date from this website which is also one of the most liked features of this website. This is very useful website for those who is looking for some notes of various subjects for upsc exam. This website has good stuff in notes format which is very good to read.

  • You can get best notes on multiple subjects and topics.
  • Daily current affairs in notes format.
  • You can get video lesson from this website . This is govt website For UPSC Exam which has all the recent exam related information. You can get UPSC exam notification from here and fill online forms .

  • This is very useful website for upsc exam point of view , it contains lots of information related to upsc exam and services .
  • You will get all the previous year exam papers from here .
  • You can get all the exam notification including upsc exam ,date of exam and other important information.
  • This website contains E-admit card for your upsc exam ,prelims .
  • You can get all the results and answer keys of your questions papers of upsc exam ( Prelims and Mains ).
  • There are many more option which can help you in upsc exam preparation so check it out once .

Also read-10 Common mistakes committed by IAS aspirants- Prsindia is a website where you can find all the details of the activities happening inside parliament. Here are some of the best features of this website which can help you in exam so i mentioned this in 10 Most Useful Website For UPSC Exam.

  • You can find all the bills of the parliament which are passed or pending .
  • You can track your MP from this website.
  • You can get all the important information related to bills ,acts of the parliament.
  • You can get latest articles discussed in the parliament.
  • You can cover lots of portion of the Polity book form here.
  • You can find the analysis of vvarious development program running in your area.
  • You can search anything related to indian polity and our parliament in this website. – This is one of the most visited website for all types of information and you can search here all types of keywords from all the subject . Wikipedia is very good source of information and you can rely on the quality if information provided by Wikipedia because it also provide official links for the original source of information.

UPSC exam has very vast syllabus and each and everything is not possible to find out in books so here we can find it on Wikipedia which is also big information bank. While reading keywords from Wikipedia , you should prepare notes because Wikipedia has very extensive article which has also many internal links.

  • Keywords can be searched here.
  • Very good source for History portions ( Ancient specially ).
  • Huge source information in all subjects.
  • You can make short note from it for later .
  • Available in different languages.
  • Quality content and authenticity is high.
  • Data is updated regularly so you a put the data in UPSC exam.

Our Mission behind 10 Most Useful Website For UPSC Exam is to give you best platform for UPSC preparation and useful resources so that you do not get misguided by people. All these website are well-known for their rich study material and UPSC preparation programme. You can follow some of them as per your need at the same time do not read same thing from more than 2 sources.

I hope you liked this article on useful website for upsc exam. These are some of the best website for upsc exam preparation online and you can take advantages of these website for your exam preparation.

Best site for upsc preparation in hindi-

Here are some of the best website for UPSC preparation in hindi medium which will help hindi medium aspirants to prepare UPSC exam in much better way. The UPSC preparation trends is changing and aspirants are spending more time in reading online. If you do not know what are the best website for UPSC preparation in hindi , you can not prepare it well.

So here we have some very useful website for ias preparation in hindi medium which can help you to prepare current affairs , international events etc.  Before we start reading online we have to make sure that we spend time on these educational websites only. It has been found that people start reading an education website and end with different websites which are not useful for IAS preparation.

Here are the best website for UPSC preparation-

  • Vision Ias Website-  Visionias is one of my favorite website for IAS exam preparation in hindi medium. Visionias is well-known for its test series and FREE study material for English / Hindi medium aspirants.

You can get FREE current affairs booklet on monthly basis from its official website and download it for later. They have very famous 365 programme which is FREE to all the aspirants in both medium . This programme cover all the current happening  of last one year . If you are hindi medium aspirants and looking for any good study material in hindi medium , you can get all the required study material from this website at free of cost.

  • Drishti Coaching Institute- Drishti IAS website is one of the leading UPSC website for hindi medium aspirants. If you are a hindi medium upsc aspirants , you can get all the required coaching material on their website which is almost free. This website has its own YouTube channel where they upload useful videos for UPSC exam preparation in hindi medium.

You can get current affairs for hindi medium aspirants , they have monthly current affairs booklet on their website for hindi medium aspirants. Drishti IAS website provides test series for hindi medium aspirants so you can enroll for test series in hindi medium. One of the best IAS website for hindi medium aspirants.

  • Dhyeya Institute website- Another useful website for hindi medium aspirants which has various coaching centre in all over india . This website provides all types of coaching classes for hindi medium aspirants for UPSC exam. You can visit their website or contact any branch if you want to join their coaching classes.

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Some other useful Website for UPSC Exam preparation-

These are some of the best helping website for upsc exam where you can get best keyword research and find great explanation for your query. Wikipedia is such a big website which has all the answer for your query. There are some Govt website which are very authenticate source of information for upsc aspirants for hindi and english medium.

  • Useful for Keyword search.
  • can track every bills,act and amendments of the parliament and much more.
  • the Govt ministry related information. Schemes etc.
  • related news and information
  • and culture for UPSC Exam
  • NCERTS for free.
  • NIOS.AC.In-Download NIOS study material free.
  • and Download Yojna Free-

Some Useful YouTube Channel For UPSC Preparation-

You may be knowing that YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet earth after google and most of the top UPSC preparation websites have their own YouTube channel where they provide useful educational videos for aspirants FREE. You can get advantage of this facility provided by these coaching institute which is also free of cost.

YouTube video are very useful when we want memorise something for longer time period. As we know our brain remember things longer time which are in visual format. Lets have some of the best YouTube channel for UPSC exam preparation In hindi and english-If you have known any good website please let me know in comment section i will add that website in my article…


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